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Last updated on December 13th, 2020 at 12:41 pm


NamasteHallyu is back with another week of new music releases!

December is upon us and the season of winter, warmth, and love! Spend your winter season with Namaste Hallyu weekly K-Pop recap as the first two weeks have given us a promising number of amazing Christmas  K-POP comeback and debuts. So get ready with your hot chocolate, sweaters and hear the recap on a happy note. If you have been too busy to keep up, this segment is just for you.

Below are all the new music drops from 1st to 11th December!



December 1, 2020

BoA – Better

BoA, the Queen of K-pop, is here to give 2020 a pleasant surprise before it ends as she makes comeback with her 10th mini-album, “Better” for the 20th anniversary. The album has 11 songs, with “Better” serving as the title track. Widely regarded as one of K-pop’s legends, BoA’s return to the scene comes after the release of her new Japanese single, “I Believe” in early November this year and her second EP,Starry Night” in December last year.

Check out the MV below.

Vanner – Form

VANNER is back with their second digital single release “Saeng”.It has two songs, with “Form” serving as the title track. The track “Form” is a mafia themed music video for their latest single “Saeng”.The song is a fast-paced song that makes your mood go high. Vanner has collaborated with South Korean drag artist NaNa Young Rong Kim for the track “Form”.

Check out the MV below.


ONEUS – Bbusyeo

ONEUS is back with their first digital single “Bbusyeo” a change in their visuals and music. You can see ONEUS with the colorful theme and vibrant visual. The track is peppy and will make you dance!

Check out the MV below.

Gunho, Taeyeon-My phone number is still the same.

Gunho, Taeyeon released their track _ 2528, 3544 (My phone number is still the same(내 번호 아직 그대로야) My phone number is still the same. The MV shows the sweet memories between the two singing about numbers in the song. The track is full of memories which will give you a soft romantic feel.

Check out the MV below.



December 2, 2020

Ben – Lonely Night

“Lonely Night” is a digital single released by Ben. The song “Lonely Night” is really good to listen to in the winter season and the lyrics also heartfelt.

Check out the MV below.


Bankroll – Kid Milli X Dress (Ft. Okasian)

“Bankroll” is a digital single released by Kid Milli and Dress, featuring Okasian.

Check out the MV below.

December 4, 2020

Katie – Classic

“Our Time Is Blue” is the first mini-album released by Katie. It has 6 songs, with “Our Time” serving as the title track. The MV is full of blue color musically. The title track “Our Time” is a slow jazzy number sung completely in English. 

Check out the MV below.


Stephanie – Love Pain

“Love Pain” is a digital single released by Stephanie. The track is a ballad theme and speaks about the pain of love that comes when you smell incensed or a season passes. The memories are awakened and all things that are happening around make you remember your past love. The track gives you a feeling that past love cannot be fulfilled but it is remembered in every step you take.

Check out the MV below.

Last Christmas – Gavy NJ

“Last Christmas” is a digital single released by Gavy NJ. The MV has a cute and dreamy feel with all that Christmas visuals and not to forget the beautiful vocals.

Check out the MV below.


NCT 2020 – Resonance

“RESONANCE” is a digital single released as the last part of NCT’s large-scale “NCT 2020” project. The song is a remix of NCT’s 4 title tracks: “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)”, “90’s Love”, “Work It”, and “Raise The Roof”

Check out the MV below.


December 6, 2020

Poetic Narrator – A Beginner In Society

“ESSAY” is the first full-length album of Poetic Narrator. It has 12 songs, with “We Need To Be Careful To Love” serving a the title track.

Check out the MV below.


December 7, 2020

IZ*ONE – Mis-en-Scène

One-reeler is the fourth mini-album by IZ*ONE  with the song “Panorama” serving as the album’s title track.

Check out the MV below.


THE BOYZ – Christmassy!

THE BOYZ are back with their all feel-good Christmas song. This trackChristmassy!” is a bundle of joy, with cheerful music, cute lyrics, showering us with their beautiful visual giving all the Christmas feels.

Check out the MV below.

December 9, 2020

JUN. K- 30 Minutes Might Be Too Long

2PM’s JUN. K is back with his 3rd Mini Album “20 minutes”.  The song “30 Minutes Might Be Too Long” is a jazzy ballad and has a seven-track record. It’s also his first MV since his discharge from the military in January. It’s about a couple on the verge of breaking up struggling with their thoughts and emotions.“30 Minutes Might Be Too Long” is the title song of the 2 PM member’s third mini-album “20 minutes”

Check out the MV below.


JAMIE -“5 Christmas Languages”.

Jamie returns with “5 Christmas Languages” just in time to bring early cheer to our playlists. Despite the fun Christmas influence, there is still chart music influence blended in for an infectious pop sound. If you’re looking for a new festive bop to join your playlist, look no further than add this track to your playlist.

Check out the MV below.

December 10, 2020

Yerin Baek -“0415”.

Yerin Baek returns with her latest 2nd full-length album “tellusboutyourself’”, sharing a new sound and stories of transformation. The track “0415” is based on a true story and explores a whole new side of Yerin Baek, both sonically and lyrically.

Check out the MV below.



GHOST9 is out with their 2nd Mini Album. The title track “W.ALL” has a lot of EDM and some hip-hop elements making it a crazy dance track. If you like Transformers and speedy cars this track is surely for you.

Check out the MV below.


Lee Seung Gi has dropped his music video for “I Will” and is the title song of the singer’s seventh full album “The Project”, which featured “The Ordinary Man” as a pre-release single. Lee Seung Gi worked with a unique combination of producers and musicians including Brave Brothers, Nell, and Epitone Project. The title track “I Will” maximizes emotions by perfectly blending lyrics with the appealing voice of Lee Seung Gi. It speaks of failing to recover and become better after a painful breakup.

Check out the MV below.


3YE- Be there(feat.딘딘)

3YE’s Haeun release solo track “Be there” (feat. DINDIN).

Check out the video below.


YEZI- Raining All Night

Solo singer/songwriter Yezi has revealed her winter comeback single, “Raining All Night” and has played the role of both composer and lyrist. This will mark her 4th new music release in 2020, bringing an activity-filled year to an end. In the MV Yezi showcases her sentimental side with a rainy feel.

Check out the video below.

December 11, 2020

ONEWE-A book in Memory

ONEWE have proven themselves very adept at balladry with their latest release “A Book In Memory” which allows the band to spotlight their vocalists. The track retains a steady energy throughout. The track gives you Ballard feels.ONEWE has proven they are the king of ballads. Perfectly suited for the end of December winter song list.

Check out the video below.

YoungJae – Everything For You

YoungJae of GOT7 is back with his single “Everything For You” which gives a magical feel The song lyrics are full of warm cozy feel perfect for your winter playlist.

Check out the video below.

We hope you have found some new music to add to your playlist!.

Stay tuned for more comebacks.

(Do tell us if you think we’ve missed out on any new drops!)

Happy Holidays!.





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