KARD’s BM Announces Launch of Apparel Brand ‘STAYDIUM’

Posted by : Cathy Varté

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Last updated on August 10th, 2019 at 06:06 pm


KARD‘s BM has announced the launch of his own apparel brand ‘STAYDIUM‘!

Just days after their ‘Play Your KARD RightWildKARD in India tour that lighted up New Delhi and Guwahati, it seems that KARD or atleast BM has another surprise for Hidden KARDs.

The rapper and dancer has unveiled a few swagged out shots of himself on his official Instagram account (@bigmatthewww) wearing unreleased gear from what looks like his very own clothing brand. The post was captioned – “Stay inspired. Staydium. By BM.”

The post has also received support from group mate J.Seph who simply commented – “Style“. BM in turn replied with – “I got u on multiple pairs my guy“.

The official Instagram account (@staydiumla) for the new brand has been unveiled with the message – “2019 Coming soon.”

On another note, Indian Hidden KARDs are still going through post concert depression and are showing their love for the quartet all over social media.

Stay tuned for more on BM, Staydium and KARD!

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