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Want to be part of TEAM NH? Love K-POP/K-DRAMA/K-ENTERTAINMENT and want to explore beyond being a fan? Read on to know more!
If you’re a fan of Korean Music, K-Dramas, K-Food, K-Beauty, or Korean Tourism and love creating content around them, this is the right place for you! A space for you to explore your creativity! You can be located anywhere in the world!
Over the years, Namaste Hallyu has also spread its roots beyond India, garnering audience from the U.S., Indonesia, Malaysia, and more. We look forward to continuing our mission of spreading the Hallyu Wave.

We’re currently looking for contributors to join the following teams: 

Content Writing Team:

Submit daily news about the Korean entertainment industry, after referring to credible sources, in the form of snippets, which will then be lengthened and published on the website.
Content Articles 
Submit original content articles about various topics related to the Hallyu Wave, after conducting thorough research from credible sources. Review articles can include relevant personal experiences and thoughts. For artist interviews, you are required to research the artist’s previous work and their upcoming releases, to help the team compile relevant interview questions and promote the artist on all platforms during this period.
Examples of content articles include K-Drama Review, Film Suggestions, Artist of The Month, Korean Restaurant Review, etc.
*Bonus points if you are familiar with word press!

Video Editing Team:

The editing team will primarily work on creating engaging videos for Instagram reels and YouTube. Camera confidence will be an added bonus.
Instagram reels cover topics such as Artist Comeback News, New K-Dramas, Song and Show Recommendations, Trending Videos, etc. We are also looking for not-camera-shy candidates who can create engaging and fun reels.
YouTube Shorts are similar to Instagram reels. We are looking for candidates who can create engaging Shorts and handle the workings of the platform.
For original content on YouTube, like MV Reactions, Food Reviews, Skincare Routines, etc., we encourage candidates to explore their artistic side and make optimum use of the platform’s creative freedom.

Social Media (Content Creation and Management):

Previous experience in Graphic Design and handling Twitter will be an added bonus.
For our social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, we’re looking for Graphic Designers who can help with creating interesting and fun content for everyday stories and assist the respective team handling the platform, by updating and posting on the platform at specific times of the day when fan engagement is more.
We also have positions open for the role of Digital Content Creator, where you are free to explore your skills in front of the camera for engaging videos like dance covers, trending videos, etc.

Korean Language Translators 

We are looking for translators to work on interviews and create posts for our Language segment. If you wish to apply for the role of a language translator, please skip the Google form and send us an email directly to – | Subject Line – “CONTRIBUTOR – TRANSLATOR”

Along with your sample translations, if you can provide a certificate or proof of your level of language proficiency, in the email, it would be an added bonus.

Not sure what to choose?

That’s fine. We also have entry-level openings for Promoters. 

The role of a Promoter is to engage with our posts on various social platforms and help boost engagement. During your time as a promoter, you will get a taste of Namaste Hallyu’s work environment and a broader understanding of our various roles. And if anything does interest you in the future, you are free to try them out!
We are happy to provide you with the necessary certification, contingent upon the effort and dedication displayed during your time with us. Our past team members are currently studying at some of the best Universities related to the field!

We also advise you to go through our Website, YouTube, and Social Media to get a visual understanding of what we expect. 

Should you have any questions, please email us at: 
Subject line: CONTRIBUTOR

– Please note that this is a voluntary position and not a paid one

– All positions are remote.

– You must be able to contribute a minimum of 15 – 20 hours a week

– The minimum age for applying is 17 years

– We, unfortunately, cannot accept candidates who are affiliated with other Indian media outlets who are involved in the K-Pop industry. This restriction is due to the sensitive nature of the information that may be shared as we have close ties with concert promoters in the K-Pop scene. However, you are welcome to pursue opportunities with other companies and media organizations as long as your work is unrelated to the Hallyu genre.

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Last date of application: June 4, 11:59 IST

We look forward to you working with us!