K-POP Idols That Are Back And Active After Their Enlistment – Part III

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While 2018 was pretty bittersweet for fans, it also meant that a lot of our favorite 2nd gen groups finally got to reunite this year. From 2PM, INFINITE to SHINee, CNBLUE etc,  all of these groups have members that are back and some of the groups are complete as well! But there are more groups that finally coming back from their hiatus due to finishing their mandatory service in 2020. Read on to know more. 

  1. B1A4 – CNU

nh_2 nh b1a4

B1A4 are one of the few 2nd gen groups that are still together and active. They released an album before their oldest member, CNU enlisted as well as the moment he came back. Who’s doing it like them! CNU came back in August and immediately put all of its efforts into its latest comeback. It’s this era’s title music video which Tony and Neha Kakkar’s Shona Shona heavily drew inspiration from. Read about it by clicking here

CNU wrote 5 of the tracks while he was in the military. With their 4th full album, B1A4 released the title track “Like A Movie” in October. Similar to the title, the cinematic music video makes us feel like we are watching a movie. A mix between a ballad and a pop song, it’s like a movie showing how love makes one feels like they are in a romantic movie.

2. EXO – Xiumin

nh_3 nh exo


The very first EXO member to enlist in the military is back! It felt like forever but Xiumin was finally discharged a week back! While he did perform and hang out with fellow SM labelmates and member, DO in service, “EXO-Ls” have been waiting for him. Fans felt pretty nostalgic when he performed You for the first time during his discharge V Live. What’s more, Kai dropped by to surprise his “Hyung” with a cake! He also made appearance in Kai’s V live for his latest comeback . 

Looks like Xiumin has been more than making up for his absence. Pretty much like Shindong and Leeteuk, Baekhyun accompanied Xiumin to a drinking show hosted by none other than Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. The two danced to Growl after Xiumin regaled us with his time in the military. To top it all, Xiumin’s already showing off his visuals for magazines like allure early next year. Here’s hoping we can listen to his beautiful vocals soon. 

nh_4 nh exo

3. U-KISS – Hoon

5 nh u-kiss



Rejoice because U-KISS is back! Well, temporarily. But with Hoon finally coming back in August, the 2nd gen group is united for a while since their  maknae is a ‘97 liner. Fans were pleasantly surprised with Hoon’s early appearance. The singer turned actor was actually in the Marine Corps before he was discharged in advance on September 30th due to the new regulations. He’s already appearing on variety shows like Video Star dancing along with 2AM’s Jinwoon to Lisa’s famous crab song.

So, does that mean we are getting a comeback? It’s been 4 years since the release of Stalker. Jun is doing pretty well as an actor while Soohyun has been booked and busy on shows like The Masked Singer. But the three members are hanging out too as evidence from the dance practice they posted. Soohyun and Hoon had also got together for a duet. Not only that, quite recently, Soohyun shared that Teen Top’s repackaging of their older viral songs inspired U-KISS. So, don’t fret, looks like the members are up to something for the new year. 

nh_6 nh u-kiss


If you want to read more about K-POP Idols that are back and active after their enlistment do check part I and Part II. 

2020 has seen a lot of idols finishing their mandatory service in 2020 and 2021 is going to be equally eventful with members from EXO, Block B, and Winner coming back. Which of your favorites are in the military right now? Whose discharge are you looking forward to? Do let us know. 

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