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  • EXO’s Chanyeol is Reportedly Enlisting Next Month

    Friday, February 26th, 2021

    Brace yourselves, EXO-L! According to an exclusive report from Sports Seoul, EXO member Chanyeol will be enlisting next month.

    The report stated that the EXO member has been  summoned to carry on his military duties on March 29.

    If the news is true, Chanyeol will be the 5th EXO Member to serve in the military. Xiumin and D.O. have both completed their military service while Chen and Suho are currently serving.

    SM Entertainment has however not confirmed the news and it is not known whether Chanyeol will be serving active duty or as a public service worker.

    This is a developing story. In related news, the EXO Member had recently shared a hand written letter thanking his fans and opening his feelings.


    SM Entertainment has confirmed the enlistment date of Chanyeol and has stated that the location and time of the enlistment will not be disclosed. SM Entertainment has also stated that there will not be a separate event. There is no confirmation as to whether Chanyeol will serve as a active duty or as a public service worker.

    But wherever he goes, we are sure he will do well. Serve Well, Chanyeol and come back safely.

    Posted by : TeamNH