[YOUR STAGE] Indian Minoz Celebrates Lee Min Ho’s 15th Debut Anniversary By Donating Towards COVID-19 Crisis + More

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Last updated on May 19th, 2021 at 04:47 pm

Lee Min Ho Lovers India

“Lee Min Ho always inspired us through his charitable trust named Promiz. He encourages us to protect our nature and help people in need, and this the reason why every time we do something either for the nature or donate for children or wherever there is a need. I would like to thank every Minoz for standing with me through all these years and making everything a success.”

It has been a stressful year for all of us. For India, the past month has been the worst. Starting from lack of oxygen cylinders, vaccinations, hospital beds etc. we have now come down to shortage of burial grounds for the deceased. Many haven’t been able to say goodbye or pay respects to their deceased relatives or friends. But hopefully, the shortage of medical supplies etc will be met soon. Many countries are presently sending urgent medical supplies to help India battle COVID-19’s second wave and we have also received multiple consignments of medical supplies from South Korea, and they have also assured to send more after securing supplies.

South Korea Sends Help to India for COVID-19 Crisis

During these hard times, you might have also noticed many K-POP and K-Drama Indian fandoms conducting several donation projects to help the people in need. We have also covered few stories as part of our ‘Your Stage’ segment, where we do our best to bring to you, ‘Your Story’. 

In today’s ‘Your Stage’, we bring to you the story of Lee Min Ho’s Indian Fans. Lee Min Ho Lovers India, is headed by Rajita Veni Saladi who hails from Andhra Pradesh. She started this fandom page in Facebook back in 2011 and it has now grown to be one of India’s prominent fanbases with a following of more than 91K followers on Instagram. 


Lee Min Ho India

For K-DRAMA/K-POP fans, apart from birthdays, they also have another important day that is celebrated by the fandom as a whole and that is, their favorite Actor/Idols debut anniversary.

May 10th, happened to be Lee Min Ho’s 15th debut anniversary, for which Indian Minoz donated a sum of ₹20,00o to Indian actor Sonu Sood’s organization, ‘Sonu Sood Charity Foundation’, where he along with his group of volunteers, are reaching out to different parts of India to help with medical supplies via their mission “OXYGEN DRIVE.” Lee Min Ho fans are also fondly known as Minoz. 

Minos also donated ₹10,00o to WWF – Tree Plantation and a total of 50 trees will be plated under Lee Min Ho’s name. Promiz is a charity organization formed by Lee Min Ho and is an official partner of WWF. A certificate of appreciation was awarded to the fandom which has been sent to MYM Entertainment, his agency. 


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A post shared by Lee Min Ho Lovers India (@leeminho_lovers_india)

Apart from participating in notable and heartwarming deeds, the fandom even sent the actor gifts! With the help of a South Korean friend, the fandom sent a sweatshirt, piece of clothing for his dog, Choco, and a greeting card was delivered to MYM Entertainment. 


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A post shared by Lee Min Ho Lovers India (@leeminho_lovers_india)


You would be surprised to see the various ways through which the Minozs have showed their love and support for their beloved actor. Here are the other activities and fandom achievements they previously took part in. 


Sent A Coffee Truck To The Set

The King: Eternal Monarch being Min Ho’s comeback drama after his mandatory military service was an important moment for all the fans and hence the Indian fanbase, got in touch with ‘Roco Coffee Truck’ and sent it to his set, to show their support. It was reported that a total of 180 cups of coffee was served to the cast and crew members. The coffee vendor was sweet enough to even click a picture of the coffee he made for Lee Min Ho and his Manager.

We also know that Min Ho had an iced latte!


The King: Eternal Monarch


Arranged A Banner For Press Conference



Named A Star After Him


Yes, there is a star named LeeMinHo and this is one of the fandom’s biggest achievements as it gained the attention of the actor and his agency. The certificate was sent to his agency too.


Lee Min Ho Star


The acknowledgement of the fandom’s efforts were seen in his Promiz video, where we can see him speaking Hindi and holding a pluck card in Hindi that translates to “Let’s do it together.”  



He even sent the fandom his autograph with  little message that said, “Always be happy.” 


Minzo India


Adopted A Panda 


WWF Lee Min Ho India


Plantation Project 2018 For His 32nd Birthday 



With all the work that the fandom has been doing, we hope that it gets more recognized and that we can see Lee Min Ho in India, once things get better! 

It always feels great to see the efforts taken up by many Indian fandoms who follow the footsteps of their idols to jump into social service activities. We will be back with more such news for our ‘Your Stage’ segment so, stay tuned with us! 

We also hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. If you would like us to use our platform to amplify any news or request related to Covid-19, kindly tag our Instagram @namaste_hallyu and @namastehallyustudio. 

Here is a list of few verified organizations that are working to help those struggling in India:

Hemkunt Foundation (https://hemkuntfoundation.com/donate-now/)

Khalsa Aid India (https://www.khalsaaid.org/donate-india)

GiveIndia (https://covid.giveindia.org/healthcare-heroes/)

Zomato Feeding India (https://pages.razorpay.com/zfi-oxygen)

Uday Foundation (https://www.udayfoundation.org/covid-19-wellness-kits/)

The Indian Government has also set up a COVID-19 Central Helpline Number (India): 011-23978046
Email: ncov2019@gov.in

Want to be a part of ‘Your Stage’? Send us your/fandom stories and achievements to admin@namastehallyu.com with ‘Your Stage’ as the subject line.



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