EXCLUSIVE: AB6IX Talks About Their Latest Comeback, Weirdest Dreams & India

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AB6IX, the four piece act under Brand New Music is no stranger to the world of K-POP, as the group have continuously surprised fans with their diverse releases.


AB6IX stands for Absolute or Above Brand New and the number 6 signifies the unity between the 5 members and its 1 fandom, ABNEW. The quartet comprising of Woong, Donghyun, Woojin and Daehwi made their debut on May 22, 2019 with the debut EP B: COMPLETE and ‘Breathe’ as the lead single. 



The group has been in the front pages of the industry since their debut and in less than two years have already brought out two full-length albums and four EPs. With their unique sense of music and lyricism, the members were able to be impeccable in their own way. 


Their latest EP MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM  has adorned the group with further success by topping the Gaon Album Charts on No.3 and achieving over 2 Million streams for their recent album on Spotify. Following the series of promotions for the comeback, the members joined us for a quick interview to discuss their concept, dreams and love for Indian fans.



As soon as the interview began, the members beamed with huge smiles and their friendly gestures and genuine answers kept the session light and fun. Read on as we get Up Close and Personal with AB6IX



Namaste Hallyu (NH): AB6IX have been releasing different genres in every comeback. Have you ever felt that by doing so, it has stopped you from attaining a distinguished sound?

Donghyun: We never felt that bringing in different genres stopped us from having AB6IX’s unique style. AB6IX colour itself is exploring different genres and we will keep doing it. If a particular song or concept suits us really well then we will definitely try that out. In the end, we want to keep developing and challenging ourselves while finding new genres every time.


NH: Among all the genres that AB6IX has tried, have you all found any particular genre that goes well with AB6IX colour?

Daehwi: Fans have always mentioned that the “Deep House” genre suits us really well and we feel the same too.



NH: It’s been almost two years since your debut, how do you see your journey as a group? Any specific lessons you learnt?

Woojin: All these years, it felt like we were playing a video game. We were running, then swimming and now, we are climbing. (Hearing Woojin’s explanation and comparison, the group can’t help but laugh)


NH: Is there something you want to tell your members?

Daehwi: Great Job Members! (Signs a thumbs up at his members)

Woong: You are very Good Members! (Pats everyone and blows kisses to every member)


NH:  Do you think the pandemic had its influence on you as artists/music preferences?

Woojin: With regards to music preferences, we haven’t changed but as an artist, we really miss being able to perform in different arenas and interacting with our fans in person.


NH:  What is the message that you would like to give your fans with your new album?

Woojin: We definitely want to give hope to our fans during the tough times. With our new album, we want to encourage our fans to be cheerful. And, top of that, we wanted to represent a more complete version of AB6IX as a group.


NH: Which is your favourite song from this album? Which song do you think will be greatly received by the fans?

Donghyun: I would say that ‘A Long Winter’ is my favourite song from the album. I really like the mood of the song and it’s about my favourite time of the winter.

Woong: The album’s fourth track, ‘Merry Go Round’  is a song produced especially for the fans so I hope they enjoy it.




NH: Your Music Video brings in different dreams and interpretations. How influential are dreams in your life? Do you always try to find meaning for the dreams you had?

Woong: I mostly try to understand and interpret. I try to find meanings for every dream as much as I can but, unfortunately, this days, I have been dreaming about Pikachu or turning into a soy sauce and those are not usual ones to look for answers. (Breaks into laughter)



NH: Can you share the weirdest dream that you had recently?

Woong: I recently had a dream of a Pikachu sitting on my shoulder and suddenly my shoulder collapsed. (Woong’s comical narration and dramatic actions made everyone burst into laughter)

Donghyun: In my recent dream I was chased by my own shadow. (He answered while laughing at his own weird dream)


NH: What is AB6IX’s dream for 2021?

Woong: Our dream for now, is for our fans to enjoy our album. We want to cheer them up and make sure to make this comeback a successful one.


NH: Along with other countries, AB6IX has also built a fanbase in India. We are curious to know, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say, ‘India’? 

Daehwi: Of course, our fans! Adding to that, it’s Chai and Lassi. I really love them!

Woong: Naan!! I LOVE NAAN! (He answered while forming circles with his hands referring to how the naan looks)


NH: What is AB6IX’s message for their Indian fans?

Donghyun: Hope you are all doing good! Just stay safe and healthy. Hope our new album gives you comfort and keeps you cheerful through the time. We have never been to India so after the pandemic is over, we would definitely want to visit India, perform for all our fans and meet you face to face.



We thank AB6IX and Warner Music for making this interview happen! We hope that AB6IX can come visit their Indian fans once things get better.

ABNEW/KPOP fans, make sure to check out AB6IX’s latest EP and follow AB6IX on Instagram and Twitter

Picture Credits: Brand New Music

Don’t forget to keep an eye on Namaste Hallyu for more amazing interviews!

Written by: Anthea Isaac


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