KAI of EXO drops a Performance film, ‘FILM: KAI’: An Unconventional Album Sampler

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Artists usually drop samplers or Highlight medley before the release of their album as it showcases snippets of the songs/tracks of the album. A typical Album Sampler would look like  TWICE ‘Eyes wide open’ Highlight Medley or DAY6 ‘The Book of us: Gravity’ Album Sampler . But never have we ever witnessed a sampler being conveyed so creatively in a way that EXO’s Kai has done.

Kai dropped a highlight medley for his solo debut mini album, ‘KAI (开)’ to be released in three days, in an innovational form of a performance film. And it might be just be the first of its kind. It not only features Kai’s performances but it also has a story, cinematography and the costumes in play is so great that it will make you wish for album samplers to never be conveyed in the same manner again. It seems to be a smart move by SM Entertainment to incorporate Kai’s performance skills as much as they could, as he is widely known for it but this album also seems to be packed with his vocal skills which we have seen in his previous songs but this time, it will be an extended version.  The film also hints at a possible MV for each track in the mini album.


‘KAI (开)’ is set to release his debut solo album on 30th November, 6 PM KST with a total of 6 R&B based tracks including ‘Hello Stranger’, ‘Reason’, ‘Amnesia’, ‘Nothing on Me’, ‘Ride or Die’ and the R&B pop title song, Mmmh’. The MV teaser of the track, ‘Mmmh’  released a day back and we are already humming to it.


This album is set to be one of a kind debut solo album release and the anticipation is high. It’s exactly as they put it- Kai is set “To show unrivaled music X performance” and we are in for a musical cinematic experience! Are you looking forward to Kai’s solo debut?


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