EXCLUSIVE: Up Close And Personal With Rookie Stars, STAYC

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P.C: High Up Entertainment

Namaste Hallyu is excited to introduce High Up Entertainment’s rookie girl group, StayC

STAYC is a 6-member K-POP girl group comprising of Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J which has been formed by Black Eyed Pilseung under High Up Entertainment. Black Eyed Pilseung has been responsible for major chart-topping K-POP hits, including songs from Twice, Chungha, and Apink. STAYC is the first act signed to their new agency and they debuted on November 12, 2020. 

The name STAYC stands for “Star To A Young Culture” and the group dreams to become stars that lead a young culture.  The official fandom is “Swith and the name was chosen from a list of over 1,000 entries by fans. ‘Swith’ is a combination of ‘STAYC’ and ‘With’, meaning “Together with STAYC” or “I’ll be by StayC’s side.” Additionally, as “Swith” sounds like the Korean pronunciation of the word “sweet”, the name also refers to STAYC’s “Sweet and Lovely” fans.

They debuted with their first single album “Star to Young Culture”, on November 12, 2020, with the song “So Bad” as the title track and the MV reached 2.4 million within 24 hours. The album sales were also over 10,000 within the first week which made STAYC the first female debut to do so in 2020.  They recently had their comeback with their new album, ‘STAYDOM’ and their MV, ‘ASAP’ has already hit more 21 Million views on YouTube, gaining views two times faster than their debut single. The milestone of 20 Million views was reached within 9 days which has proved STACY’S first comeback as a big success.  They also achieved the highest first-week album sale, on Hanteo Charts hence proving their Rookie Star status.

With STAYC recently making a comeback, we got to speak to them about themselves, their favorite artists, their music and more, along with a special message for their fans.

NH: Namaste! You have recently had a comeback with ‘ASAP’, could you please describe the song in your own words?

Sieun: ASAP is a song in the teen fresh genre that combines the catchy lines of synth bass and woodwind synth with a refreshing rhythm instrument. As an abbreviation of  ‘As Soon As Possible’, it is a song that expresses the wish, that the perfect ideal type in the heart appears as soon as possible. Our concept for this comeback is wacky, fun, playful while keeping our charming appearances.

Namaste Hallyu (NH): As K-Pop idols, especially as a rookie girl group, you have gained so much fame in so little time, which is not an easy thing to do. Your debut track ‘So Bad,’ that came in 2020 currently has more than 22 million views (combined) and is continuously growing. Would you express your feelings on this huge achievement of yours? 

Sumin: I am grateful for the interest that many people have shown on us, and I think I want to grow a lot by working harder on true music rather than just focusing on the result of the music.



NH: What is the biggest difference in this comeback as compared to your debut album?

ISA: In the first album, we tried to create a chic and cool feeling, while in the second album, we are trying to give it a bright and cute feeling.


P.C: High Up Entertainment


NH: According to you, which is the killing part of ‘ASAP’? 

ISA: I think the hook part “ASAP~ HOOWOOWOOWOO” is the killing part because it has an addictive choreography and singing part.


NH: What are the key points that the fans should pay attention to during this comeback?

Yoon: In this album, our freedom on stage is the key point. As the album name is ‘STAYDOM’, we wish all of you to feel the freedom while watching our performance on the stage.



NH: If you could choose to do any kind of concept or genre, which concept would you want to do next? 

Seeun: I would like to challenge the suit concept, which is a completely different concept from now!


NH: It’s been more than 100 days since your debut. How has things changed from being a trainee to debuting  as a K-POP Idol? 

Sumin: There are not many things that are different, but the biggest difference definitely, is the fans. When I was a trainee, it was all about practice and evaluation but after my debut, we have our fans and I think having Swiths are the biggest difference because we get encouraged and gain bigger energies from their support.


NH: Among the many groups that exists, what kind of impression do you wish to make as a group in the world of K-POP? 

Yoon: We want to be a group that has created its own genre. It is good to do well, but rather than following the existing ones, I think creating and adapting to your own genre perfectly, makes a big impression as well.


NH: As Idols, do you have any favourite artists that perhaps influenced you? Also, If you could collaborate with any artists, who would it be? 

Sumin: I was highly influenced by watching Girls’ Generation and 2NE1. Furthermore, my music style is influenced by Bebe Rexha, Zara Larsson, and Little Mix.

Yoon: For me, it’s Girls’ Generation and it would be an honor If I can have a chance to collaborate with them.

ISA: I really like and enjoy listening to songs by Jorja Smith, Kiana Lede, Dean. They are the artist I want to collaborate as well.

Sieun: For me, it is IU. I have been a long time fan of IU and she is my role model. I really respect her and I wish to learn about the way she takes good care of the people around her, the way she interact with fans and the public with a sincerity, and the way she improve and develop herself.

J: Ariana Grande! I would be very happy if I could perform with her on the same stage.

Seeun: For me, it is Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation. I think she has huge influence to the public and I wish to be an awesome singer with huge influence like her.



NH: How is it like to manage training, being an idol, and also studying at the same time? 

J: I think it is actually too difficult to study in the midst of a busy schedule. Since I am currently working as an idol, there are some situations where I have to sadly miss out my studies but I try my best to balance it both.


NH: STAYC gained recognition even before your official debut and in India as well, Indian fans created your fanbase even before the debut, how do you feel about that? 

Sieun: We are very grateful to Indian fans for giving us a lot of interest and love even though we are still lacking and we are full of clumsy parts and still learning. It is an honor to be able to promote STAYC’s music and even K-POP in India. I think the more fans respond to our music, the more responsible we should show to our growth! We always feel thankful for your support~


NH: Any message for your Indian and Global fans? 

ISA: Dear SWITHs, Even though the distance is far away, I hope you do not forget that your heart is always by your side. And thank you for your continuous support! You guys make me energetic. Thank you so much and I love you ❤️



STAYC may have only debuted 5 months back but they are already making waves and they are definitely here to stay. STAYC aims to create a genre of their own rather than following and we look forward to the different concept and music of STAYC in the future.


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