EXO’s Chanyeol Sings About ‘Tomorrow’

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Chanyeol Tomorrow

It’s out!

EXO’s Chanyeol may have gone for his mandatory Military Service but his fans his have something new to look forward to. As the next featured artist for ‘SM Station,’ Chanyeol has released ‘Tomorrow,’ a self written soulful track, where he sings about his feelings his and the anxious feeling of waiting for an answer while being hopeful for a tomorrow.

The MV starts off with a Black and White Theme and then shifts to color and then to a darker room and ends with a light of hope. He can be seen in an empty city running down a long road. The MV perfectly supports the song as he looks forward to a hopeful future and sends a message of hope to everyone who listens to it Have you watched the MV yet? Check it out already! 

In other news, prior to enlistment, Chanyeol had uploaded a video on his YouTube Channel promising content on the 27th of Every Month till he is out from military. He had also starred in the movie ‘The Box’ which was recently released and received great reviews and accolades. The OST album also found its way charting in iTunes in many countries including India. Chanyeol may be in Military now but his fans his are definitely happy with all the content that he is providing/prepared.

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