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Fantasy, creativity, storyline name it all; DVWN’s “FREE FLIGHT” takes you through the journey from home to flight with the MV featuring actress Park Shin Hye.




Dvwn started his musical career as an indie soloist working independently. He artfully reinvents the genres as his own with his unique capacity to express emotions and breathy tone which is best suited to the theme. You can hear him singing many genres but he mostly leans towards R&B, indie pop, and lo-fi jazz. Dvwn became the first musician to sign with Zico’s label KOZ Entertainment in 2019. In addition to his own music, he’s previously worked on songs with artists like EXO’s Chanyeol, GFRIEND, Kang Daniel, Eric Nam, and Babylon. 

Dvwn made his comeback with ‘FREE FLIGHT’ , seven months after the release of Dvwn  Defibrillation, Vol.3 in June 2020, where he showed his musical talent through this series. He also composed the songs for the album Series Dvwn Defibrillation all by himself. It was nicknamed ‘Awakening at dawn’ and he was also recognized as ‘Genius of feelings’. Dvwn and his music speaks and hence, we were eagerly for another masterpiece . On a side note, this is his first comeback after Koz Entertainment was announced to be a subsidiary of Big Hit Entertainment. Read on to know what we think of his new music video.





The Music Video begins with Park Shin Hye and she can be seen in a warm and cozy room, playing with a paper airplane followed by a beautiful transition in the scene between the paper plane and actual flight. There are classical elements and soft piano tones to it and hence, that gives the MV a beautiful and a soothing look. 


The scene moves on back to Shin Hye skipping down a road with a spring in her step and the brightest smile on her face.

NamasteHallyu_review_madhavi_elements NamasteHallyu_review_madhavi_elements1 NamasteHallyu_review_madhavi_elements3

Further, more graphical elements can be seen in the MV like paper boat, clouds, and traffic lights with scene cuts that take you back and forth from home to flight.

Dvwn can also be seen alternatively in the scenes sitting in the flight in the opposite lane of Shin Hye.

Shin Hye later can be seen disappointed as she rolls down the 8-Ball towards him which just ends up as a miss.

The scene continues with her getting disappointed as she couldn’t find him on the flight. Later the scene jumps from the seatbelt scene from him being next to her.

At the end of the scene, you can see a tv set having text “Things I have secretly kept for myself”.

The scene then ends with DVWN heading back home and flying paper planes.


Our take on the MV:

The new MV ‘FREE FLIGHT’ conveys empathy and warmth to the listeners, through the impressive soulful lyrics and the delicate beautiful vocals of Dvwn. The song shows a beautiful mix between jazz and pop incorporating his signature sounds and hence, making it into the sweetest melody. The cherry on top for this MV is Shin Hye’s acting skills and appearance as the teaser itself caught the eyes of many fans before its release.  The MV’s storyline is about the anticipation of love between two people and shows the past and present of the duo. In the MV DVWN talks about a dream island that is empty with only a paper plane there for her and hinting her not to worry and fall asleep. Further, Shin Hye can be seen thinking of Dvwn in every step she takes. We can also see jump cuts between the MV giving us a hint about the past and the present in reality or imagination. It’s those little things that you do even though you’re not around the person who you love the most and the words that you would want to hear.

The ‘FREE FLIGHT’ lyrics also gives us a  feeling of love and care as the song revolves around how the other person is encouraged to not hold anything back and to open up and tell everything. The lyrics also makes one feel ensured that even if they go to do the things that they want to, when they come back, the place that they held will always be empty and hence they should not worry and have a safe flight. The word ‘Safe flight’ in the lyrics plays an important role in the song as the word might be simple to read but gives out a warm feeling that shows care. 

The MV also has various classical and creative elements guiding the viewers through the storyline giving us a hint connected between the past and present and how he makes her feel safe while not being there.

The MV along with the song ‘FREE FLIGHT’ takes you to another world with all the sentimental tones and falsetto. The jazz beats are soft and delicate and soothing to ears makes you want to be at a jazz bar and watch the live event at open mic nights, while you sway your head to the music.  The MV leaves a question at the end was it real or an imaginative place. What do you think? leave your comments below.

Bonus shot:


Did you miss it or caught this shot at the first glance?











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