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Last updated on December 9th, 2020 at 05:24 am


It’s review time! And this month, we have a special contributory writer, Godwin Immanuel! Read on for his fun, entertaining and informative review!


When Jessi had a comeback with her EP ‘NUNA’, I knew the album is no joke. Months later, I’m still hooked on it and here is my full review.

NUNA opens with the title track “Nunu Nana”. The music goes very hard with Jessi’s
vocals. Nunu Nana is definitely a club banger. This song makes me feel so confident
and beats go so hard. In the lyrics Jessi spits “PSY Oppa gave me the green light so I
don’t have to behave.” Her vocals are so on point with her rap. The music video is not to
be missed at any cost. Nunu Nana music video features a cameo appearance of the
legendary kpop icon Lee Hyori. Nunu Nana is very catchy, you can see yourself dancing
to it. It currently has more than 38 Million views and rightly so!

From Nunu Nana we go to the second track “STAR”. STAR personally hit me so much knowing that Jessi was 15 when she came to Korea. She was young and alone without knowing anything. STAR is the life journey of Jessi. Our Nuna sounds so emotional but also so confident. In this track Jessi talks about the Church Choir, discovering her playing piano and singing. Her rap style is so lyrically poetic. In this song, she says she will never change, that this is her life and she fought battles for it. Overall this
song is heart warming and strong. This song also highlights her vocals.



In the next track “Put it on Ya”, we go to a club with Jessi, BM and Nafla. Now let me
tell you something, this track is a BOP. Put it on Ya is a club banger. I cannot stop
twerking to this track, I can see myself in the club chilling to Put it on Ya. My ears
started drowning to BM’s rap verse, the flow is so raw and fresh and it splashes with
Nafla’s rap. I really love the vibe of this track. I am definitely adding this to the Party
Anthem of the year.

We go to another emotional rollercoaster with the next track “Numb”. Jessi sings she
wants to drink till she goes Numb. The main highlight of “Numb” is Jessi’s vocals. I can
see myself pouring a glass of soju and vibing to this song. This could easily be a getting
over a relationship or moving out of friendship/relationship song. Jessi also released an MV for it and well, this MV speaks for itself.

So far no skips in this album because I love it all! I’m sure you do as well! Coming to the last two songs “Who dat B” and “Drip” but definitely a strong favorites!  Who dat B was the first single of NUNA. Such a powerful and catchy song. The beat goes so hard.

Whenever I lose confidence, Who Dat B is the song I listen to. Jessi says “Calling Calling, cuz everybody wants a piece of Jessi”. “Drip” featuring Jay Park is the last song of NUNA. I love how the album ends with my favorite song.


Overall, NUNA is a very strong album. Fresh, raw, diverse, great vocals, powerful rap and Jessi like.

Jessi is not the Korean Nicki Minaj or the Korean Cardi B, Jessi is Jessica Ho. And no one can do it Jessi.

Here’s hoping to see Jessi release a full length album soon!

In the meanwhile, we are vibing to DawndidiDawn which features JESSI!

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