STAYC is the New Face of LG Household & Health Care

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STAYC has already singed with LG Household & Health Care’s endorsement deals and it’s only been 5 months since their debut! On April 1st their agency, High Up Entertainment, revealed this news that the girls will henceforth model for LG Household & Health Care’s beauty brands. The label further revealed all the members endorsement deals with each beauty brand. So far, J is now the new face of ‘The Faceshop.’ Yoon, ISA, and Sumin are the new face of ‘Code Glokolor.’





The girls are currently preparing for their first comeback since their debut. They will drop their 2nd mini album ‘STAYDOM,’ on April 8, 6PM KST. They recently revealed teaser pictures and recently dropped their MV’s teaser. Have you heard of them? Check out their debut song ‘SO BAD’ already! 


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