KARD To Takeover India with ‘Play Your KARD Right’ Tour

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Attention all Indian K-Pop fans, this is legit – KARD is coming to India!

In what is perhaps the most excitement the Indian K-Pop community has ever experienced in a single year, the ante can only be upped and several huge acts have been announced since then by the first and premiere Indian K-Pop event house Pink Box Events. They have announced that they would be bringing us a grand total of  three acts this year.

The first act was revealed to be Jang Han Byul, a solo artist and former frontman of LEDApple who will be making his first ever visit to India on his ‘Summer Star Tour‘ scheduled on 20th and 21st July. They have also announced their second act – the charming rookie trio M.O.N.T who will be returning to India for their third visit as part of their ‘MONT for YOU‘ tour in September.

But what seems to be the most exhilarating news of the three acts announced back to back is the last and final act – KARD! Yes! You heard it right , KARD is coming to India for their ‘Play Your KARD Right‘, Wild KARD in India Tour this July!

KARD are the only co-ed group currently active in the K-Pop industry and have a huge international fanbase and have had a string of hits since their debut with “Hola Hola” in 2017. Represented by DSP Media, KARD is composed of B.M, J.Seph, Jiwoo and Somin. The quartet have made themselves a name with their catchy Latin pop inspired sound with an EDM and dancehall influence.

Hidden KARDs probably already know but tickets to see KARD go for anything between 89$ to 209$ so get ready to break your piggy banks! Don’t forget to  tune in to ‘Oh Na Na’,  ‘Bomb Bomb‘ and their other hits, start practicing the fanchants religiously and don’t forget to give rest to your vocal chords because Pink Box Events have definitely played their KARD right. Now it’s time to play your KARD right and show that INDIA is definitely ready for big acts! Pink Box Events promised to make our Hallyu Dreams come true and they have been delivering it ever since but are we ready to show our support to them and show to the KPOP Companies that India is ready for bigger acts, is something that we need to see! This can after all be the beginning to bigger doors, if the event is a success.


But for now, we can only imagine how thrilled Indian Hidden KARDs are at this announcement. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Namaste Hallyu and Pink Box Events for more details!

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