Blink in Traditional Attire Rocks Drum Cover of BLACKPINK’s ‘As If It’s Your Last’

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Venni Thangjam, a 15 year old BLACKPINK‘s fan from Manipur covers the group’s hit song ‘As If It’s Your Last‘ on her drums and you don’t want to miss it!

There’s no doubt BLACKPINK is taking the world by storm and has got a huge fan following in India as well. This young Blink from Manipur who is also a talented drummer just covered ‘As If It’s Your Last‘ on her drums and we can’t help falling in love with this one.

Venni says she has been playing drums from the time she was just 13 years old and is a huge BLACKPINK fan herself. When asked who is her bias in the group, she says ‘Jennie Kim is my bias but other members are also my bias wrecker.‘ We totally relate to that, don’t we?

Also, Venni adds an indigenous touch by adorning a traditional Manipuri ‘Lai Haraoba‘ dress while performing the cover.



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You can watch the full cover in her Youtube channel by clicking here and also check it out above. Do let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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