Weekly K-POP Recap [8th – 14th September]

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NamasteHallyu is back with another week of new music releases!

If you’ve been too busy to keep your eyes on the K-POP music scene, buried in work from home stress or making your way into studying from home with online classes, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Our Weekly K-POP Recap segment is made just for you.

Here are (hopefully) all the new music drops from 8th to 14th September!

8th September

Chen (EXO) – “Your Moonlight”

Another OST for the on-going drama ‘Do You Like Brahms?’, “Your Moonlight” is a beautiful ballad that shows off the EXO member’s vocals.


Mellow Week – “A Good Day”

A feel good acoustic track that’ll have you in a better mood than before.


OVAN – “Happy Birthday” 

A super cutesy romantic birthday track that will make you feel single AF. And yes, there are two versions of the music video.




9th September

Chuther – “lazygirl”

Redefining low budget music videos to give you a good laugh, Chuther sings about being too “lazy” to conform to what society expects.


Lee Woo – “A Reason To Break Up”

If you like those angsty romantic K-Dramas, you will love this one. A sad ballad paired with music video with an actual plot, you will not be able to look away.


Ccola – “WEAK” (feat. U-TURN)

Something different to listen to. What could’ve been very ordinary takes a unique turn with the echo effect and retro vibes.



10th September

HA:TFELT – “La Luna”

The R&B/Soul artist brings us a ritzy new bop that is dreamy and sultry in the best way.


MAMAMOO – “Wanna Be Myself”

Perfection. Literally no words. MAMAMOO always put out great music.


Peakboy – “Loop” (Guitar ver.)

This acoustic track about happiness in the small things in life is calming.


9.10000 (Goman) – “Hidden Words”

Retro folk singer Goman gives us this beautiful indie track about hiding your love for someone.


BE’O – “That’s Wolf”

A surprisingly chill bop by solo artist BE’O. Are you getting G-Dragon, Song Mino and Jay Park vibes from him too?



11th September

Khakii – “Midsommar” (feat. Leellamarz)

Rapper Khakii bringing us the K-HipHop we didn’t know we needed to hear.


BOOHWAL – “The Moment”

K-Rock band BOOHWAL debuted back in 1985. Although its different from what mainstream K-POP fans are used to, it is definitely worth a listen.



12th September

Jeon Youl – “MAMACITA”

The former member of now disbanded girl group STELLAR has made her solo debut with a Latin inspired track.


$ÜN – “EMPTY” (feat. Boi-b)

Fresh off the solo artist’s debut release ‘EMPTY & ERASE‘, the track “Empty” blends vocal melodies and rap beautifully.


GIST – “Promise” (feat. Leellamarz)



13th September

GV – “Coco” (feat. EK)

Once more, we find ourselves on the weird side of K-HipHop. But bizarre video editing aside, the track soon has you bopping along.



14th September

CL – “Post Up”

The Queen, The Baddest Female is making a comeback. Yes, this is just an intro to the upcoming album but it is heavy.


Sik-K, Golden, pH-1, Jay Park – “Gotta Go”

This track is a bop. It’s a groovy track that has surprisingly motivational lyrics. The rap and the vocals are both A+.


ASTRO Moonbin&Sanha – “Bad Idea”

ASTRO giving us cute concepts is just a given, but this new ASTRO sub-unit will charm you with this sexy new vibe. Don’t forget to check out their debut EP ‘IN-OUT‘.


ID:Earth – “Human”

Everything about this track, music video to vocals is hauntingly beautiful. An experience.


Geeks – “Heartbreak Hotel” (feat. DeVita)

Chill vibes.


Punch – “Love Me” 

Punch is back with another beautiful OST, this time for the on-going drama ‘Do You Like Brahms?’.


YELLA – “Bloom” (feat. snzae)

From his debut EP ‘Maybecolourful‘, YELLA gives us fresh, dreamy, almost city pop vibes with his debut single “Bloom“.


Wazzy – “Fantasia”

Already drawing comparisons to Sunmi and Eyedi, Wazzy brings us a dark, retro pop track.


Knave – “Hotcake” (feat. Soovi)

R&B solo artist Knave charms us with a fun little bop that is sure to get stuck in your head.



And that’s a wrap! Don’t forget to tune in next week for another Weekly K-POP Recap and do let us know if you think we’ve missed out on any new drops!

Stay tuned for debuts of NTX, WEi, DRIPPIN and comebacks from CL, Everglow, UP10TION and more!

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