VAV Surprises Vampz With Their First OST

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VAV surprised Vampz with their first OST for drama ‘Somehow Family’.

VAV seven-member South Korean boy group formed by A-Team Entertainment is back to steal your hearts with their beautiful Voice. The group currently consists of seven members: St.Van,  Ace, Ayno, Jacob, Lou, Ziu, and Baron who is currently enlisted in the military. It’s been seven months since VAV’s latest comeback,Made For Two,’ and VAMPZ for sure missed the boys’ soothing voices.



On May 3rd VAV dropped the special clip for their first-ever OST ‘이 밤 (Tonight)’ in the drama ‘Somehow Family’ which conquered the hearts of global fans all over the world. Drama ‘Somewhat Family’ is a TV CHOSUN family drama that revolves around a married couple, Sung Dongil and Jin Heekyung. They run a boarding house near the airport where interesting stories are found through various people—giving the audience many comedic (and romantic) scenes. After various artists contributed, VAV members St. Van, Ace, Lou, and Ziu also lent their colorful vocals to ‘Somehow Family.’

VAV’s ‘이 밤 (Tonight)’ is a dreamy R&B track with a heartwarming acoustic base. The song is about secretly having someone in their hearts, and even though they have a lot to say about their feelings, they still can’t confess. It’s a track filled with pure and bright emotions that fit really well with the global idols’ vocal range.

Check out VAV’s first OST, ‘이 밤 (Tonight)’ down below:


VAV will have its first comeback of the year with the release of the digital single, ‘Always’. The group dropped their teaser pic on May 4th, giving a glimpse of the lyrics and theme of the single. The song is set to be released on 10.05.2021 and this will be VAV’s first release as six after Baron’s enlistment in September.


Stay tuned for more updates on Namaste Hallyu.

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