Park Hae Jin To Return To The Small Screen With Drama ‘Secret’

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Actor Park Hae Jin  is all set to make his drama comeback with ‘Secret’

On 15th February, the actor’s agency Mountain Movement confirmed that he would be starring in the upcoming drama ‘Secret’. It will be his first drama of the year and also his first romantic-comedy since debuting as an actor 13 years ago.

‘Secret’  tells the story of people with realistic desires and dreams, each one of them having emotional scars because of unhappy and traumatic memories, gathering in a place called “forest”. Their scars slowly heal as they find the true meaning of happiness and learn to love themselves and others.

Park Hae Jin will play the role of ‘Kang San Hyuk’, an ambitious man who becomes a member of the 119 (Korea’s emergency phone number) special rescue team. He is passionate about money and honor but also bears emotional scars as he doesn’t have any childhood memories.

The actor shares a deep connection with the character as he has been named an ‘Honorary firefighter’  in the past because of his charity work, which also included training the members of the 119 rescue teams go through.

The drama will be directed by Oh Jong Rok, who was the PD of SBS‘s ‘Piano’ and ‘Style’. The drama is set to start filming in the first half of 2019.

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