KARD: Behind The Scenes Of ‘Play Your KARD Right’ In New Delhi

Posted by : Cathy Varté

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KARD have uploaded a new episode of ‘KARD The Live‘ featuring their tour in India!

Any Hidden KARD (KARD fan) who attended the ‘Play Your KARD RightWildKARD in India tour must know first hand what post concert depression feels like. But fear not, as the wonderful and talented quartet have given fans something to relive the excitement – a ‘KARD The Live‘ episode!

Of course, the precious episode did give us a brief glimpse of the group in India but THIS episode features a behind-the-scenes look at the Play Your KARD Right‘ Tour in New Delhi. The log follows the members backstage, getting their make up done,  discussing the bottle cap challenge and even some footage from the encore performance!

At one point, BM with a huge smile plastered on his face cutely exclaims – “The energy in India is no joke. Wow. Here the passion is similar to Brazil.

Check out Episode 20 of ‘KARD The Live’ below!

Stay tuned for more on KARD!


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