Indian IDs Sends Congratulatory Bouquet to B.I for his Successful Solo Debut

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Last updated on June 8th, 2021 at 07:57 am



B.I is back and fans are delighted! Indian IDs sent a lovely flowers bouquet to B.I with a cheerful message to congratulate him on his first successful album, “Waterfall.”


B.I has always been an inspiration to IDs. Even after his departure from iKON, fans never stopped loving & supporting him. Later, B.I was appointed as executive director of IOK company.


Fans have been waiting for his solo debut for so long, and their prayers were heard when B.I made his much-anticipated solo debut with the album “Waterfall” on June 1st 2021.

Indian IDs sent a lovely flowers bouquet to B.I with a cheerful message to congratulate him on his first successful album.


IOK company


The admin of @withikon131_arunachal initiated this and they reached out to other IDs through official accounts. Admins of these accounts requested admins of Whatsapp groups to spread the word to the regional groups. Though it was a last-minute decision, everyone cooperated very well.


They reached out to the florist shop in Korea and gave them the address of his company. A Korean ID helped them throughout this process. They ordered this bouquet five days prior to his debut i.e., on 27th May and made sure to get it delivered on 1st June. The florist shop helped them through the delivery process and the deliveryman safely delivered the bouquet to the company & sent them the pictures of it.


“Well, Hanbin has been a constant source of motivation, not only just as an artist but also as a person. He inspired us to never break down under pressure never run away from hard work, never give up and accept defeat without trying hard. He is a living example of dedication. No matter how many times we fall, we look up to him and listen to his songs, and it gives us strength.

 Just like Hanbin said, we ‘Got It Like That’”

                   – An Indian ID


 This was their first ID project, and it was a huge success so now they are looking forward to iKON’s comeback.


“Please shower your love towards Hanbin & iKON.”


We congratulate Indian IDs for their first successful fan project, and we are looking forward to their future projects. We are sure that B.I will love their gift and the message would surely bring a beautiful smile on his lips. It’s nice to see more and more Indian fandoms taking part in fan projects to support their idols. We look forward to more of these!


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