Five Reasons Why We Love Jessi

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Jessi in her MV Nuna Nana


Jessica Ho, famously known as Jessi, is a Korean-American rapper, singer and songwriter. Korean artists are known for their near-perfect image, both in terms of talent and appearance, however, Jessi breaks through the industry by…….. well, being herself!


Jessi has always stood out among her peers, whether it is because of her strong and unique vocals or her strong personality. Not that we need a reason to love Jessi because everything about her is love,  but if you’re not a Jebbie (Jessi’s fandom name) yet,  here are a few reasons why we love her.


1. “Don’t judge me when we have just met” – Downright Honest and Candid


One thing that sets Jessi apart from many celebrities is her candid demeanor. She speaks her heart and doesn’t care what others think about her. A much-needed asset in this industry! She doesn’t try to be perfect and even with repeated criticism for her “tough and harsh” image, she continues to be herself over everything else. Even celebrities are baffled by her honesty and straightforwardness. 


Jessi in 'What Type of X' MV

Source: Gfycat


2. “This is my style”– A Variety Show Star


Jessi is an excellent addition to many variety shows. Whether as a guest or cast member, she brings an authentic flavor to a show. Take How do you play? , Sixth Sense, and Running Man for example. She easily stands out with her outspoken nature without even attempting to be funny. Her pairing with Yoo Jae-Suk is loved by many. She doesn’t usually follow a script and we say, she doesn’t need one. Our savage queen is fearless and will stop at nothing.  We especially Jessi’s YouTube interview program ‘Showterview’, the show has Jessi’s own fun way of interviewing and is all about being real. She has interviewed many celebrities on her talk show like Kang Daniel, SHINee’s Minho, Sunmi, Hyuna, etc besides hip-hop artists like Nucksal, Justhis, and more.


Jessi on Variety Show 'Running Man'

Source: V LIVE


3. “Fake or not, that is none of your business”– Body Positivity 


Jessi’s facial features and body proportions are different from average Korean. This makes her even more different from strict Korean beauty standards. She has received hate for not conforming to them and always gets questioned about her appearance. However, her sheer confidence shines through everything. Time and again, she has proved that she is just as beautiful as any other idol, in her skin. 


Jessi on variety show 'Knowing Brothers' with Seo In-young and Kim Jong-min


4. “It took me a really long time to adapt. I had to learn it all on my own”– A Hardcore Dreamer And Achiever 


Jessi’s popularity is achieving new heights. To many people’s surprise, she isn’t new to K-POP. Take 2nd Generation groups like Super Junior, BIGBANG, and Girls’ Generation in reference. She was selected by SM but decided not to join the label as their approach did not suit her music style. Considering how big SM is in the KPOP industry, this was a bold move. Debuting just at the age of 15, she took a break from her music ambitions and kept traveling back and forth to America. However, she never gave up on her dreams and we see her finally achieve what she deserves! In 2014, after a 5-year hiatus, Jessi returned as a member of hip-hop trio Lucky J with rapper J’Kyun and vocalist J-Yo. Jessi then participated in the first season of Unpretty Rapstar, a spin-off of the program Show Me The Money and she was placed second. She has really come a long way. 


Jessi's performance on MBC's 'Music Core' in January 2006

Source: KStarLive


5. “That is such a 거짓말 (geojismal)”Her Konglish


Jessi was born and brought up in America and has mentioned that she had a hard timing understanding Korean culture, language being one of them. 15 years after her debut, we still see her mixing Korean and English. It is an extremely relatable situation for international fans who understand her better than anyone. Not to mention pretty hilarious. 


Jessi hosting Solar from MAMAMOO on 'Showterview'


After her soaring popularity with the song Nuna Nana, Jessi’s latest EP ‘What Type of X’ is breaking records and giving her new stardom. It is safe to say people are opening up to her and even loving the different vibe she brings. The fact that she has managed to stay her real self in a strict industry for 15 years deserves applause.



If you’re not a Jebbie yet, what are you waiting for?


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