EXO’s Baekhyun Announces His Enlistment; SM Entertainment Confirms

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Baekhyun of EXO penned a thoughtful letter to his fans through Lysn as he spoke about his mandatory military enlistment. In his post, he announced that he received his enlistment notice for May 6, which happens to be on his birthday.

His agency, SM Entertainment also confirmed through a short statement, “Baekhyun will be enlisting on May 6. The time and location of his enlistment will not be disclosed, and no special events will take place.” Before Baekhyun is assigned to work as a public service worker, he will receive basic military training for a period of three weeks. There were speculations by fans that it will happen in April as his schedule was empty. Baekhyun will be the sixth EXO member to head for mandatory military service as Xiumin, D.O have already been discharged whereas Chen and Suho began their service in 2020. Chanyeol recently enlisted on March 29, 2021 and Baekhyun will now enlist on May 6, 2021. Earlier, Baekhyun had stated that his latest Comeback, ‘Bambi’ was a gift to his fans and the album has been receiving a lot of love and charting across countries including India. As Baekhyun will be enlisting as a public service worker, it is expected that it will be a longer enlistment and that he would be out only by February 2023. We wish that Baekhyun completes his mandatory service safely and come back safely.

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