Brave Girls’ Agency Confirms Summer Comeback

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Brave Girls Will Be Back!

Brave Girls touched the clouds with their hit track “Rollin’,” and they are now gearing up for a comeback! A representative from Brave Entertainment said, “We’re aiming for this summer. In keeping with the Brave Girls members’ wishes, it will be a [concept] that highlights their healthy sexiness. This summer, we want them to hit the top as refreshing, energizing idols. It seems likely that [Brave Brothers] will be producing their next song as well.”

Minyoung, member of Brave Girls, stated, “I don’t feel any pressure. I’m just looking forward to it. Before our song climbed back up the charts, I worried a lot about our group’s distinctive color. But now, I think I know what our unique color and style is. I think we’ll be the best at pulling off a healthy-sexy concept.”

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