[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with K-POP Artist Jang Hanbyul

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Last updated on December 9th, 2020 at 05:30 am


Jang Hanbyul debuted in November 2011 as the lead vocalist of rock band LedApple. The singer has since then taken part in a number of variety shows and music shows as an MC, made cameos in dramas like ‘To the Beautiful You’ and ‘Reckless Family 2’, he has also sung OSTs for popular dramas like ‘Pretty Boy’, ‘Sassy Go Go’, ‘Remember’, ‘I Picked up a Star on the Road’, etc.

And like previously revealed, Hanbyul will be coming to India for his ‘Summer Star Tour‘! Namaste Hallyu got a chance to interview the singer. Read on to know more about his transition from the front man of a band to a solo artist, and more.

NH: Hi Hanbyul! Could you please introduce yourself?

JH: Namaste India! My name is Jang Hanbyul, former frontman of the band LedApple.

NH: It’s been years since LedApple but how was it transitioning from a group to a solo artist?

JH: I found that there was a lot more pressure on myself as a solo artist so I cannot say that it was easy but I managed to get used to it pretty early on. I also missed and still miss my former members a lot.

NH: Has your music genre redefined ever since you started? 

JH: The transition to a solo artist was difficult in the beginning as the music I wanted to pursue for my solo career was quite different from that of LedApple. But I strive for versatility with my solo career.

NH: Over the years, you must have answered this question multiple times but because this is our first time with you, we are curious. From Doctor to singer, you made such a jump. What is your advice to those fans who are in that period to decide what they need to do? 

JH: I have no regrets on not pursuing a medical career as I really loved music more than anyone. I am lucky enough to be doing what I love most and performing in front of my fans. I suggest, not only to music lovers but to all my fans, that they weigh up their options and consider sincerely what they love doing most and work as hard as they can to achieve this.

NH: If you want to introduce yourself to a new fan, which of your song would you recommend? 

JH: I would recommend 1AM or Let The Wind Blow as these are two songs that are very characteristically strong. If they like these two, then I am sure they will like my other music.

NH: Could you give us a hint on what you are working on next? Album? OST? 

JH: The preparation for my YouTube Channel is on the way where I will be uploading covers of not only K-pop songs but songs from all around the world. I will also be showing viewers some of the best places to go and foods to eat in Korea in short V-logs on this channel. So get ready for that. It will probably go up within the next month (June).

Apart from that, I am working on another OST at the moment but I cannot tell you which upcoming drama it is. I also have a couple of songs that I have already recorded which we are planning to release in the near future.


NH: Which one are you most comfortable with? Interviewing people or being interviewed? 

JH: I would probably say being interviewed is easier as I find I have much more freedom with what I want to talk about without any borders. But I find interviewing others is more interesting.

NH: What is the first thing that came to your mind when you heard that you would be going to India? 

JH: I was ecstatic at first. I never thought that I would be lucky enough to visit India but to be invited to see my fans is such a blessing. One of my closest friends went on a holiday to India just earlier this year and told me it was a fantastic experience. I am planning on having a lot of fun when I visit.


NH: What to do want to do the most when you come to India?

JH: I would love to eat some traditional and local cuisine such as butter chicken and vada pav. Taj Mahal would be one of the places that I would want to take a selfie at least once in my life but we will have to see. I know that Indian culture is different from that of Korea and Australia so I would love most to genuinely experience the local culture.

NH: Lastly, what can the Indian fans expect? 

JH: I think the Indian fans will be able to experience a more front-on and intimate experience in which they can hear my vocals crystal clear. Any questions or things they would like to know about the K-pop industry and other artists, I am willing to open all. I hope to see you all!


And that wraps up the interview! Look forward to more in this space as we will be covering the tour exclusively!  In the meanwhile, here are the two songs that Hanbyul recommends. Don’t forget to share the interview and tag us. We are giving signed merchandise to a lucky winner! See you at the Summer Star Tour!








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