“The Penthouse” Season 3 will soon Begin Filming

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“The Penthouse” is gearing up for its next season and will officially commence filming on April 27. The drama’s plot in short – revolves around a penthouse that is meant for the rich. Further, the drama focuses on a group of women who are ready to cross any kind of bottleneck, in order to protect their children.
SPOTV News reported on April 26 about the official filming date, soon after which a source from the drama confirmed, “We’ll start shooting ‘The Penthouse 3’ on April 27.” Season 2 ended with a lot of cliff hangers, new characters, etc. and that paves way for the third season to have a more powerful storyline, than the first two seasons. Viewers can look forward to a tangled, adventure-filled plot for season 3! The production team aims to premiere this drama around June. Are you excited for Penthouse 3? Who is your favorite character? What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section!

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