Soon to Premiere Drama “Dark Hole,” Unveils Thrilling Posters

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Last updated on April 27th, 2021 at 06:53 am

Dark Hole

OCN’s upcoming drama “Dark Hole” has dropped posts that send chills down the spine! The drama is about mutant survival, revolving around a group of survivors who need to battle for surviving amidst a mutant apocalypse. This mutation begins when humans inhaled some dark, obscure from a sinkhole.

Dark Hole
Lee Joon Hyuk plays the role of Yoo Tae Han, a tow truck driver and town Mu Ji’s native, the place where the sinkhole emerges. Kim Ok Vin  plays Lee Haw Sun, a detective from Seoul who is in town to hunt down her husband’s murderer. She is also the only person who hasn’t mutated even after smelling the smoke, meaning she is immune to it.

Dark Hole

Kim Ok Bin

Dark Hole
Im Won Hee takes the role of Park Soon Il, a police corporal, who is described to be a practical and realistic, and a strong pillar of support. Dark Hole is scheduled to premiere on April 30, 10:50 PM, KST. Are you excited about this drama?

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