Pink Box Events Announces City Name for ‘MONT FOR YOU’ Tour

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It’s raining concerts in India!

For all those who have been following the official SNS pages of Pink Box Events, you might be already aware that in June this year, Pink Box had announced their Act II where it was stated that MONT would be coming back to India this September and this time, the fans get to decide the city! Pink Box in their announcement post had also said that, they did this because they wanted to do something special for the fans as they wanted to fulfill the dreams of all the fans who wanted KPOP acts in their city and hence, this time, it was up to the fans to make it happen . The announcement was applauded by all the fans and this thus saw fan clubs of various cities, conducting surveys to bring MONT to their city as well as get the opportunity to organize and work with Pink Box Events as this was the first time, an organizer was giving the chance to Indian fan bases to organize an event with KPOP Idols.

After an anticipated period of waiting after the July end deadline of submitting the respective surveys, shortlisted fan clubs were contacted and as per the announcement, they had to give in some additional details and looks like, we finally have one of the confirmed city! MUMBAI, MONT FOR YOU is coming to your city!!! Pink Box Events has officially announced that Mumbai will be one of the cities that MONT will be touring this September!



After witnessing concerts by LUCENTE, IN2IT and VAV, Mumbai fans will get to watch MONT perform live in their city. Although the support and organizers is Pink Box Events, the local team working for it together with them will be the India Korea Friends Mumbai (IKFM) group. This would perhaps be the first time that a fan club is getting to work officially with Pink Box Events as they are normally known to work independently.

IKFM is a well known fan club base and they also have the experience of organizing the Mumbai regional rounds of the KPOP Contest as well as KPOP Group LUCENTE’s concert along with the Consulate of the Republic of Korea.

The dates for the tour is yet to be announced along with the other details but fans who have already been following are aware that the concert will happen towards the mid and end of September. Although there are no official update, but based on the ticketing system of Pink Box, it looks like this tour will  carry their unique ticketing style of Rookie (VVIP), Trainee (VIP), Scouted (Normal).

With the announcement of Mumbai as one of the stops for the MONT tour, it looks like Pink Box has kept their promise of adding a new city every event and is heading to the Southern part of India once again after visiting Bengaluru with Solo artists Dabit and Hayana as part of KPOP Contest Regional Rounds in 2016 and Chennai with JJCC in 2016 as well.

Fans in Mumbai and the other cities can expect a great performance from MONT as they are known to have great stage presence as well as charisma. MONT officially debuted in January this year, with their title track, ‘Will you be my Girlfriend?’ and this will be their first Indian tour after debut.


To know more about MONT, you can read by clicking here . With the announcement of one city, it looks like it won’t be long before we have all the cities announced. MONT fans, we hope you are ready because we definitely are!

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