MV Review: SuperM Says ‘We DO’

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Last updated on April 11th, 2021 at 08:35 pm



K-pop supergroup SuperM has released a brand-new video for their latest single “We DO”.

SuperM is a supergroup formed by SM Entertainment in 2019. The group consists of members from several SM boy groups, including NCT members Mark and Taeyong, WayV’s Lucas, and Ten, Baekhyun and Kai from EXO, and SHINee’s Taemin.

The song, ‘We Do’, was released as part of the Prudential x SuperM “Dance for Wellness” campaign, which aims to motivate people to maintain a healthy lifestyle through dance. Prudential and SuperM share a common goal. “We want to promote the importance of staying fit and healthy, especially during these times,” said Nic Nicandrou, the Chief Executive of Prudential Asia Corporation.

The song marks the group’s first release since their full-length album, “Super One”, which featured songs such as “One (Monster & Infinity)” and “100”. SuperM has also been included as part of Global Citizen’s Recovery Plan For The World campaign, which is aimed at helping end COVID-19. The groovy English-language track dropped at 7 pm KST today (April 9). The video features scenes of the SuperM members playing billiards and hanging out, as well as snippets of the funky, retro choreography. Dancers Taemin, Kai, and Ten also show off their moves in solo dance shots.


The music video is everything! SuperM knows how to make us grooving with their groovy music. “We DO” MV is a twist on the retro genre song which gives you the feel of the futuristic disco era with catchy lyrics and dance choreography.

NH_superm we do banner


SuperM is giving us something different than their usual sound which has colorful, cheerful vibes. The song ‘We Do’ gives uplifting, upbeat, spring-like vibes and also, a general vibe as a commercial song which is a nice surprise.



The chorus is split into two parts. “We Do‘s” catchiest and the best moment for me is when they sing  Come on now everyone (Let’s all) / Run around in the sun (Let’s all) / Ride the vibe, side to side / Now we’re having fun (Let’s have some fun),” and I find the chorus very cheerful.

Baekhyun’s vocals in this are so good, biased or not, he knows how to deliver performance and I appreciate that so much. Lucas is back to like 3 words per song, though. Taemin looks so cute in this MV and Kai is basically glowing. The concept of the MV overall is super colorful and I really enjoyed it. I love the crowd sound effect during the pre-chorus when Ten and Baekhyun sing, it gives We Do a lot more texture. Honestly, Baekhyun is just as always flexing his pipes. Also, Ten really shines in Super M songs that man has such a beautiful voice and I am glad SuperM gives him a chance to show that off a bit more. I love the color palettes they picked for this and they fit the vibe so well. The boys look like they’re having fun and it feels nice to see them together just dancing and enjoying themselves like this. Ten is once again showing how talented he is in everything he attempts and Taemin’s curly hair is literally the cutest thing I have seen in a while. Just boys having fun and dancing around as we all do in our bedrooms. What more can you want?

In other news, Taemin is rumored to be enlisting in the summer based on the indirect hint that he gave on his Vlive interaction with fans but thankfully, he is busy with SHINee and solo work until then. But will SuperM replace some members with Baekhyun and Perhaps even Taemin in the military or will they continue to promote as it is, is left to be seen.  Stay tuned for more updates.


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