Kim Sejeong Confirmed as the Female Lead for ‘Today’s Webtoon’

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Kim Sejeong

New Drama Alert! 

Kim Sejeong has been making a mark in the acting industry and after the success of her last drama, The Uncanny Counter. She has tapped yet another leading role and this time in a Korean remake of Japanese drama, ‘Sleepeeer Hit,’ also known as Juhan Shuttai. The Korean remake is titled as ‘Today’s Webtoon,’ (literal translation) Sejeong will be playing the role of a woman who has been hired as a webtoon editor beating high competition, after she visits the webtoon company on a food delivery trip for a part time job. She then sets her heart on working as a webtoon editor. The drama is about her growth her along with her various antics her with her colleagues her. Although there is no definite date of release yet, the drama’ Today’s Webtoon’ is set to air in the later half of 2021.

Are you excited about the Drama? Have you watched the Japanese Drama yet? Do let us know your thoughts.

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