GOT7 Gifts ‘ENCORE’ to Ahgases; #EncoreWithGOT7 Trends Worldwide

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GOT7 is here with a gift for Ahgases and their bond is stronger than ever!

On January 19, 2021,  GOT7 officially ended their contract with JYP Entertainment and the boys decided to focus on their individual careers but previously an insider had said that, “The members love GOT7. They promised to set aside time to do GOT7 promotion” and it looks like they boys did keep their promise. On 19th February, exactly a month after leaving JYPE, they boys surprise fans by putting up stories on Instagram. In each of their stories, every alphabet of the word “ENCORE” that was later revealed to be the name of their new comeback song. The boys who left ahgases in the suspense after posting those stories, dropped the teaser of their MV. Warner Music Korea also dropped the teaser and have been keeping the fans updated. The video of the teaser showed the closeness of the boys and them being happy together, making ahgases all over the world emotional and “cry in green!” Not just ahgases but K-Pop fans all over the world cheered for the return of GOT7 and #GOT7FORVER for trended on all SNS platforms.

Today at 6pm KST, as promised, the boys dropped the MV of ‘ENCORE’.  ‘Encore’ opened beautifully showing a compilation of raw recordings of them in the studio singing dancing, hugging, laughing, and living in the moment. The visuals start off Black & White and that soon enters colours. The lyrics most vibrantly expressed that the song was dedicated for their  fans and yes, the boys made sure there was English subs. The song started off with the boys remembering and reliving the beginning of their journey and the lyrics soon moved on to the love and gratitude they have for their fans as the chorus went “We will sing for you, For the rest of the days too.” And just when we thought, they have already done enough for the fans, towards the end of the MV, there is a special surprise as the boys leave a special message for their ahgases about how ‘Encore’ is a gift to their fans and a promise that has been kept. The also promised to keep singing ‘Encore’ and this definitely was an emotional moment for the fans and we cannot be happier. The MV then ended with the boys in their concerts watching their fans cheer for them. The video also credits Mark Tuan as the Executive Producer.  Check the beautiful MV below and make sure you have a tissue nearby because this MV is full of love.



Encore means “Again” and we love how the boys choose this word for the MV to show that irrespective of bottlenecks, they will continue to sing for their lovely fandom and that GOT7 is forever and no one can ever change that!

The music is being released via Warner Music Korea and it is being speculated that GOT7 may have signed with the label but there is no official confirmation. Seeing how the video is made, the meaning of the song and the message sent out by the members, this may also mean that although GOT7 will together be forever, this may be their ‘Encore’ for fans but as promised by the members, they will continue to sing for the fans. The MV has been well received and #EncoreWithGOT7 #GOT7Forever among others, began to trend worldwide.

Ever since GOT7 left JYP Entertainment, the members have gone separate way and agencies but have continued to maintain good relationship among themselves and also with their fans. Jackson Wang and his ‘Team Wang’ has collaborated with ‘Sublime Artist Agency and Youngjae is also part of the same agency. Yugyeom has officially joined Jay Park’s ‘AOMG’ and Jinyoung is with BH Entertainment. Mark Taun and Jay B has meanwhile opened up new personal YouTube channels/ According to Weibo, a microblogging website, Mark has opened his own studio named ‘Duan Yi En Studio’ and has also released a song ‘One in a Million’ with Sanjoy.  BamBam is rumored to be in talks with MAKEUS Entertainment.

We wish GOT7 and Ahgases the best of luck. It is so heartwarming to see the love between them and we look forward to the future.

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