Everything You Need To Know About EXO Ship Saga

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EXO recently launched a mini-mobile game, “EXO SHIP SAGA –TO THE GALAXY AND BEYOND,” which matches the concept of their upcoming special album, “Don’t Fight The Feeling.” And fans can’t stop themselves from playing this game (You can’t blame them; this game is so interesting). So, here’s everything you should know about this  addictive game! 


The “EXO SHIP SAGA –TO THE GALAXY AND BEYOND” is mini space-themed game & to access this game you can click here. This game can only be played by phone but even if you open this link from your PC, don’t worry! It shows you a QR code to scan through your mobile & get access to it.



And when you start the game, it asks you few details like your date of birth & nickname.





And when you enter all these details, it shows you members’ cards and generates a random card.




As you can see in the above image, Suho & Chen’s cards are darker than the others, as they are not active in this upcoming comeback and are currently serving in the military. And so, if you happen to get their card, it shows ERROR as they are “NOT IN THIS GALAXY.” How innovative can they get?




And then, when you retry, it generates another card.




And then the real game begins!




All you have to do is, shoot the villains which the RED FORCE sends.




You will face some asteroids too. Though you can kill large asteroids easily, try avoiding small asteroids as much as possible. Or else you will lose your lives.



Then you will face the RED FORCE! How to kill him? Easy! Just shoot & weaken him.




After killing him, you will get a “Reward” for winning. Go collect it. You get the member’s ID card with your name & score printed on it. You can download it and add it to your collection.




Now let’s talk about special cards, shall we? If you enter EXO’s debut date (2012/04/08) in the date of birth column, you will get an EXO card.




And if you enter EXO-L fandom date (2014/08/05), it generates you an EXO-L card.



And if you enter this year’s eclipse date (2021/05/26), it generates the upcoming special album “Don’t Fight The Feeling” card.





And that’s definitely not the end of these special cards. If you enter 1995/02/14, you will get a cute ‘Oops Try Again’ card.




And for some fans, when they reach a certain score & killed the RED FORCE, it shows a message that the RED ENERGY IS DEFEATED and to CHECK THE OFFICIAL SNS ON JUNE 11TH. Is this another spoiler?



Seriously, how innovative can they get? When you further click on “CHECK ALL SCORES,” it shows you that ‘THE OTHER DIMENSION HAS NOW OPENED!’




But the update is still in progress and we will have to wait until it gets completely available. We wonder what more updates are hidden in this addictive mini-game.


EXO-Ls are having fun playing this game. They are so competitive, trying to beat each other’s score. (I mean, what more can we expect from the fans who stan none other than the Passionate Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun, and rest of EXO, right?). Some of them have reached a score of 2 million!


Baekhyun card


Are you trying to score high but, for some reasons, can’t get past 4000? Don’t worry! We have some tips for that too.

All you have to do is, try to collect as many planets as you can. They give you more points. And after facing the RED FORCE, avoid shooting it & stay at one corner in the left/right. You can kill big asteroids but avoid small asteroids. Once you reach the score of 4000, asteroids disappear, and you can score as much as you want by staying in the corner & killing the villains.



Once you get tired or reached your desired score, you can end the game by shooting & killing the RED FORCE.
Now that you know all the tips, let us know how many cards you have collected so far. Also, here, take a look at our collection.



What more can we say? EXO is known as “KING OF CONCEPTS” for a reason. Now, what are you waiting for? Go on play the game. Don’t forget to tell us your high scores! And, don’t forget to sleep ~~~


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  1. Shiny Supriya Eada says:

    I really loved and enjoy this game. I felt so happy that EXO did this for us. Our EXO is always the best.Can’t wait for Don’t Fight the Feeling album release. EXO fighting✊🏻

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    Well written.

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