BTS Meal + Merch to be Available in India Starting June 1!

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ARMY! The wait is Over!

BTS Meal will be available in India, starting tomorrow! ₹300 for the BTS meal! 

The special meal is part of a promotional sponsorship between McDonald’s and BTS. Indian fans of the boy band were excited to see India listed amongst the countries where the meal would be available.

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The meal will include ten chicken McNuggets, medium sized Coke and medium sized fries. To get a taste of South Korea, two new spicy sauces, Cajun and Sweet Chilli will also be incorporated in the meal. As per the price listed on Swiggy Delhi, the meal is set for ₹300. 

So far, Delhi (starting 1 June 2021) and Mumbai (starting 4 June 2021) were officially listed as the cities for the availability of BTS Meal. However, McDonald’s India confirmed on Twitter that the meal would be available and accessible all over India for delivery, dining and take-out (albeit, for a limited time period).

McDonald’s India has put a timer for the launch of the BTS Meal on their Instagram story and we could not be more excited!

Additionally, the fans can also buy BTS merchandise online—as a part of campaign—through the WeVerse app, such as hoodies, socks and sandals.

Indian ARMY, are you ready to get hyped up? Tag all your army friends in the comments, so you all can have a bite of the BTS Meal, starting tomorrow!💜

Please exercise caution when stepping out or ordering in. Sanitize, wear a mask and maintain distance.
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