Z-Girls Walk ‘Streets of Gold’ In Comeback MV

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Last updated on August 10th, 2019 at 09:39 am


The Z-Girls have made a comeback with “Streets of Gold“!

The Z-Girls are one half of the Z-Stars (Z-Girls and Z-Boys), part of the Z-Pop Project to create an idol group with members from different Asian countries. The seven membered girl group consists of members Carlyn (Philipines), Vanya (Indonesia), Priyanka (India), Joanne (Taiwan), Queen (Vietnam), Bell (Thailand) and Mahiro (Japan). Due to personal reasons however, Japanese member Mahiro was unable to participate in the new single but GalaxZ (Z-Star’s fandom) hope to see her in their next comeback.

The Z-Star’s comeback mini-album titled “Sing For You” consists of three songs – “Streets of Gold” (Z-Girls), “Holla Holla” (Z-Boys) and “Fire Flame” (Z-Girls T.P.I).

Streets of Gold” comes with a cotton candy pink and silver glitter aesthetic as the girls take what could’ve been just another love song into the stratosphere with their powerful vocals. Much like their debut track “What You Waiting For“, what sets the Z-Girls apart is their emphasis on clean, heartfelt vocals and an almost Little Mix inspired sound.

Check out the “Streets of Gold” music video below!

The girls have also debuted a new sub-unit called Z-Girls T.P.I which represents members Bell (Thailand), Carlyn (Philipines) and Vanya (Indonesia). The trio also have a fun little music video for their track “Fire Flame“.

Check out the music video below!

A YouTube event has also been unveiled by Zenith Media with fans being able to unlock new videos as the view count for the Z-Stars’ music videos increases. The music videos have been uploaded to official Z-Pop Dream YouTube channel and to GENIE Music, and the view counts from both channels will be counted.

Check out the event poster below!


If you missed out on the girls’ gorgeous solo teaser photos, here’s a compilation just for you!

Carlyn (Philipines)


Vanya (Indonesia)


Priyanka (India)


Joanne (Taiwan)


Queen (Vietnam)


Bell (Thailand)


Stay tuned for more on Z-Girls!

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