Ailee Makes Fierce Comeback With ‘Room Shaker’ MV

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Last updated on August 10th, 2019 at 06:29 pm


Ailee has made one fierce comeback with her brand new single ‘Room Shaker‘!

The artist brought her top notch vocals into the K-Pop scene back in 2012 and has ever since been known as a vocal “Goddess”. Despite dabbling in different genres, Ailee’s branding remained as a soulful vocalist so this comeback’s concept comes as a wonderful surprise.

Ailee dropped her full length album ‘ButterFLY‘ today which features a total of ten new tracks – ‘Midnight’, ‘Want It’, ‘Headlock’, ‘Room Shaker’, ‘Love’ (feat. Chen), ‘Nothing At All’, ‘그대는 그대라 소중해’, ‘Fire’, ‘Ain’t That Pretty’ and ‘Heartcrusher‘ (feat. Undaunted, DJ KOO).

Lead single ‘Room Shaker‘ is an addictive  hip hop track with trap influence and a dirty bass. Ailee shows off not only her vocal prowess with this banger, but also some sick choreography and a smooth rap verse that proves she doesn’t even need a feature.

The video itself is chock-full of costume changes, with Ailee going from Fendi bad girl to dripping in diamonds in a split second, from a baby pink school girl get up to a neon pink power suit. Although there has been a surge in female artists pulling off girl crush concepts in the K-Pop arena, Ailee ups the ante to a total girl boss level.

Check out the music video for ‘Room Shaker‘ below!

Check out the performance version below for a closer look at the choreography!

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