Kim Dong Han Asks You To ‘Focus’ In Comeback Music Video

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Kim Dong Han is back with a new album! 

The solo artist released his 3rd mini album ‘D-Hours AM 7:03’ along with the music video for title track FOCUS on 1st May at 6pm KST.

The album consists of 5 tracks in total, including the title track, ‘BEBE’, ‘Make Me So Crazy’, ‘Everyday’, and ‘IDEA’. Kim Dong Han not only participated in writing the lyrics for the tracks, but also worked on the performances for the b-side tracks as well.

Title track ‘FOCUS’ has an addictive and strong chorus along with a powerful performance, which shows off Kim Dong Han’s sexy charms. The lyrics talk about a man falling in love with a woman, and is only focused on her as all he sees is her.

The music video showcases the powerful yet sexy choreography, along with the soloist’s visuals, attracting the attention of the viewers.

Check it out below  –


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