AB6IX Drop “The Absolute Beginning” Trailer For Lee Dae Hwi Ahead Of Debut

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The Absolute Beginning” trailer for Lee Dae Hwi is out! 

Brand New Music’s upcoming boy group AB6IX has been continuously teasing for their upcoming debut by releasing solo and group teaser images.

On 17th April, a trailer video titled “The Absolute Beginning” was revealed for member Dae Hwi via the group’s official YouTube channel.

In the trailer, Dae Hwi looks as if he’s lost his way and is seen looking around places like a construction site. He is also seen putting on earphones after which he gets “transferred” to an unknown place.

Brand New Music revealed that by dropping Lee Dae Hwi’s trailer today, AB6IX’s storytelling has officially began.

Watch the trailer below and stay tuned for more!

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