Singer-Songwriter LeeWoo Debuts With MV For ‘The Different Day’ Feat. gugudan’s Haebin

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“All-rounder musician” Singer-Songwriter LeeWoo has finally made his grand debut! 

LeeWoo dropped his debut album ‘Eternity’ on 30th March at 6pm KST. The music video for title track The Different Day’ featuring gugudan’s Haebin was also released at the same time.

The album consists of 5 tracks, including title track ‘The Different Day’, ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, ‘Eternity’, ‘Foolish’, and ‘Apology’. All the tracks have been produced, composed, written, and arranged by the singer-songwriter, proving his wide spectrum of music.

Title track ‘The Different Day’ is a traditional ballad track that expresses the feelings of a couple after they have broken up. It’s performed in both the perspective of a man and woman who long for their happy past together and miss each other. LeeWoo and Haebin’s vocals come together and create a beautiful and emotional ballad.

Check out the music video below –

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