‘Remember Minwoo’ : 100% Commemorates Minwoo’s Passing

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100% commemorated the first anniversary of leader Minwoo’s passing with a tribute video. 

The tribute video, titled ‘Remember MINWOO’ was posted with a caption “In that time, in that moment…you are always in our memories” via the group’s official social media accounts.

The video features a compilation of memories of Minwoo, with his fellow 100% members and PERFECTIONS.

The video starts with the lines, “In the early spring, a warmest flower flew away with the spring breeze. May the flower bloom beautifully once again..Remember”. The video goes on to show Minwoo’s happy moments on set, showing off his beautiful and sweet smile, at concerts with his members and fans.

The background music used is ‘Remember’ from 100%’s recently released album ‘Still Loving You’. The video ends with the same lines as the caption, “In that time, in that moment…you are always in our memories”, which are also the lyrics of ‘Remember’.


Minwoo passed away due to a cardiac arrest on 25th March, 2018.

You will always be remembered, Minwoo. Rest in peace.

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