100% Share 2nd Set Of Unit ‘NEW’ Version Teaser Images For ‘RE:tro’

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100% shared their second set of unit ‘NEW’ version teaser images for their upcoming comeback.

100% just released some more unit teasers for their 6th mini-album ‘RE:tro‘. The album is scheduled to release on 14th March, and is like a “White day” gift to their fans.

Earlier, on 5th March, the group dropped the first set of unit images for ‘NEW’ version. Today, on 7th March at 6pm KST, the group dropped their second set. 100% also revealed a ‘HIP & NEW’ film on 6th March.

In the teaser images, different from the ‘HIP’ versions, Rockhyun and Hyukjin are paired together in one image, and Chanyong and Jonghwan in the other. The outfits and vibe are overall the same as the previous ‘NEW‘ version teasers that were released earlier.

Check out the images below and stay tuned for more details!



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