TXT Hold Debut Showcase At Yes24 Live Hall

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The rookie group took their debut  showcase as a chance to tell the world about who they are as artists. They spoke about their dreams, their music, their experience as trainees and even their blood types.

Yeonjun described how meeting his group members who shared the same dream as himself, made him realize that he wasn’t alone. He also added that while recording the title track, he believed that even listeners who are not adolescents would be able to relate.

Taehyun clarified the meaning of the ‘horns‘ mentioned in their title track and explained that they symbolize the  growing pains we experience during puberty and growing up.

The group further explained that the horns one may bear change into a crown when you meet someone in the same situation as you and someone who  understands you.



Soobin shared that Bang Shi Hyuk had told the boys – “Practice is the foundation of confidence. Practice a lot and be free on stage. When you stand on stage you will realize why practice is so important.”

Hueningkai added that Bang PD always emphasizes the importance of teamwork and tells the boys to think about the importance of their team.

Beomgyu shared that he is a huge fan of BTS and that his heart trembles whenever he meets them at the agency. Much like Bang PD, he shared that BTS also advised them to – “Think of the team first.”

Yeonjun added that BTS as senior artists are like the sky above them and expressed his gratefulness that BTSJin mentioned them at an end of the year red carpet event.



The group were asked what their goals as a group were to which Soobin answered that he hopes they win a rookie award, while Yeonjun answered that he hopes they can hold a concert and maybe even advance overseas.



On being asked how they felt about being compared to BTS, Soobin commented – “It’s an honor to be called that. I’m very thankful. We’ve had worries, but we will work hard to not cause any harm to their reputation.

The group also tackled the comments saying that TXT was given a silver spoon as compared to BTS, who went through much difficulty in their rookie days with  Hueningkai commenting – “Since we were able to see our seniors achieve so much after going through difficulties, it’s an honor and we respect them. We will work hard.



Although the boys did not particpate in the production of their debut release, they were asked if any members plan on producing in the future.

Beomgyu replied – “Hueningkai and I work on songwriting; we’re trying and practicing. Hopefully we can get better and contribute to songs in future albums.”

Hueningkai also commented – “I’m still lacking in those skills, so I would like to build them up and produce songs for our members to sing later.”



Taehyun said that his charm is being lovable, while Yeonjun shared that he thinks his diligence was considered a strength.

Beomgyu revealed that he is the mood maker of the group, that he speaks in dialect and that he cheers on the members with his endless energy.

Hueningkai revealed that his charm is cuteness and that his hyungs have all fallen for it.

Soobin revealed that he differs from a typical leader as he supports the members. He also revealed that since he is not the oldest in the group and his age is somewhere in the middle, the members find him easy to approach. He also added that he does not feel burdened with responsibility since the members are good.


Hueningkai divulged a bit regarding his family background – “After being born overseas, I soon after moved to China. My mother is Korean and my father was a singer in China, so I was naturally exposed to Korean music. I came to Korea and went to an audition for Big Hit.”

Hueningkai further shared that at first his family worried a lot, but he soon got used to the Korean culture and language which helped him become more comfortable. He added that the members take good care of him because he is the group’s charming ‘maknae’.



The boys revealed that all the members have blood type A while Beomgyu is type AB. He was then asked if he found this difficult as blood type stereotypes are popular in South East Asia.

Beomgyu replied – “Most of our members are blood type A, but they don’t get upset easily. Our personalities are similar and we are tenderhearted, so we listen to each other and help each other heal.



Considering that Big Hit Entertainment’s musical roots lie in the hip hop genre, TXT was asked if they would consider making more hip hop music.

Taehyun answered – “All of the members like hip hop and other genres; we all like music in general. All five songs on our album are of different genres.

Yeonjun added – “Our song ‘Cat & Dog’ is a hip hop track, so we have no regrets regarding hip hop [for this album].”



Taehyun stated – “I think I was able to overcome growing pains perfectly because of the members and knowing that I was not alone.

Beomgyu added that he shared the same sentiments.



Yeonjun revealed that he had the longest trainee period of four years and that the most difficult part was wanting to debut so much, but having to wait.

Beomgyu went on to reveal that he had the shortest training period of two years and that he initially found it hard to catch up to the other members.

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