Z-Girls and Z-Boys: Hidden Members, Solo Teasers, Reality Show and Busking in Hongdae

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NamasteHallyu_Zpop 02

The Z-Pop Project groups Z-Girls and Z-Boys have unveiled their hidden seventh members – Mahiro and Gai respectively!

Both hidden members are from Japan. Although much has not revealed about Gai, member Mahiro is reported an ex-member of AKB48’s rival girl group Nogizaka46.

The Z-Pop Project groups are set to perform on 23rd February at the Z-POP DREAM LIVE IN SEOUL at Jamsil Indoor Auditorium. The confirmed line up for the concert includes Rain, Chungha, Monsta X, APink, WannaB, Lip Bubble and Tweety.

Both Z-Girls and Z-Boys are already garnering fans for their inclusion of members from different Asian countries. As previously reported, the group will be debuting the first ever Indian K-Pop idols – Priyanka and Sid.

With the unveiling of the Z-Pop Project group’s hidden members, new solo teaser images were also released of all seven members of the two groups. The groups are busy with preparations for their performance and are also showing fans their various charms through a fun reality show titled ‘Z-POP SCHOOL: A to Z‘ that can be watched on the Z-Pop Dream YouTube channel.

Fancams of the Z-Girls busking on the streets of Hongdae have also been receiving much praise. Check out a few fancams below!


Here are the teaser images and Instagram handles of all seven Z-Girls and Z-Boys below!



Mahiro from Japan (Instagram: @mahiro_kawamura_official)

NamasteHallyu_Mahiro 01

Bell from Thailand (Instagram: @lilbell_)

NamasteHallyu_Bell 01

Priyanka from India (Instagram: @prips.priyanka)

NamasteHallyu_Priyanka 01

Joanne from South Korea (Instagram: @joanne725725)

NamasteHallyu_Joanne 01

Queen from Vietnam (Instagram: @quinluc247)

NamasteHallyu_Queen 01

Vanya from Indonesia (Instagram: @zhavanyameidi)

NamasteHallyu_Vanya 01

Carlyn from the Philippines (Instagram: @carlyncabel)

NamasteHallyu_Carlyn 01



Gai from Japan (Instagram: @gai_f_)

NamasteHallyu_Gai 01

Perry from Taiwan (Instagram: @g_perry.s)

NamasteHallyu_Perry 01

Mavin from Indonesia (Instagram: @malvin_96)

NamasteHallyu_Mavin 01

Roy from Vietnam (Instagram: @hoaibao3108)


Josh from the Philippines (Instagram: @joshuelbautista)

NamasteHallyu_Josh 01

Sid from India (Instagram: @siddhantaroraa)

NamasteHallyu_Sid 01

Blink from Thailand (Instagram: @blinkz14)

NamasteHallyu_Blink 01

Stay tuned for more!


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