Reminiscing the ‘days gone by’ with Day6

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On today’s episode of #ThrowbackThursday, let’s take a look at Day6’s retro comeback!

Day6’s latest release ‘days gone by’ (행복했던 날들이었다) literally reminds us of the days gone by with the 80s style music genre, VFX, outfits, and the whole vintage vibe of the music video. Unlike most of their title tracks, ‘days gone by’ from part 2 of their Youth series- Remember Us, is quite a peppy number (you won’t be able to stop yourself from bopping your head!).

The MV opens with the drummer, Dowoon’s holy visuals (Dowoon in anime white hair should be illegal) followed by the rest of the members who look equally stunning in their retro hairdos (special mention to Jae’s braid. Excuse me but I JUST CANNOT GET OVER HIS LOOK!). Jae starts the song as he reminisces about the sunset when he told his lover how lucky he was to have her (or him? Psst psst… Day6 promoted ‘boy-love’ in their previous MVs. Check out What Can I Do, I Loved You and When You Love Someone).



Next, the lead vocalist, Wonpil further recollects the beautiful memories and Sungjin adds on how he does not have any regrets as he was in love from the first day to the last (‘was’ is the key word here!). The kaleidoscopic effect on their gorgeous faces is worthy of swoons and drools.



Finally, Young K. aka Brian rocks the chorus as well as his mullet as he marvels over the dream-like happy days. However, no matter how ecstatic the past was, Day6 gets back on track, holding on to the fact that they cannot stay stuck in the past as life moves on.


The rest of the song continues asserting the main idea of moving on after a breakup. Of course, there are times when one feels pained, wasted, broken and even sheds a tear or two over lost love. But there’s little one can do about it. Time moves on and so should we (just like your unfaithful lover did. Ouch!). The lyrics might sound gloomy, but the overall vibe of the song is the complete opposite. This juxtaposition is probably incorporated to highlight the fact that one must live in the present and not waste time dwelling over the past. We even find Day6 grooving together to the upbeat sound of the retro synthesizer.

Altogether, the music video screams V I N T A G E! The low quality, ‘dusty’ screen throughout the video, the set decorated with neon lights, old TV sets and translucent curtains (?), their outfits and hairdos (mullet, rat tail, buzz cut…you name it and Day6 has rocked them all!), and not to forget the apt and sufficient use of audio effects to further stick to the throwback theme.


I personally urge you to check out their entire album, Remember Us and all of their songs till now, if you haven’t already. You’ll only be doing yourself a favour, thank me later 😉


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