Happyface Entertainment and YG Entertainment Confront Each Other at Court

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It’s Happyface Entertainment vs YG Entertainment!

Back in June 2018, Happyface Entertainment filed a lawsuit against YG Entertainment after the debut plans for the top 9 male contestants of Mix-Nine failed. Woo Jin-young, who ranked 1st in the JTBC and YG’s survival show, is currently a trainee under Happyface Entertainment and was promised an official debut along with the other finalists, however, the last stages of negotiation fell through and the debut was ultimately cancelled.


Happyface Entertainment had filed the lawsuit for 10 million won (around Rs. 6,24,754) as a compensation for damages to the company and for going back on their contract that was promised. On November 28, 2018, the proceedings for the lawsuit was carried out at the Seoul Central District Court. Representatives from both entertainment companies faced off for the ongoing lawsuit. In one instance, the representative of Happyface Entertainment questioned whether YG Entertainment would not debut the final lineup of the ongoing YG survival show “YG Treasure Box” if that too failed to do well in terms of ratings. Responding to the comment, a source of the YG defendant said “I think that there’s a different intention behind saying something like this. This isn’t an issue, and it’s a situation that can be decided upon based on the contract. It has no relation to this issue.” The next date for the court hearing has been fixed on January 16, 2019.

Mix-Nine was a reality survival show which was produced by YG Entertainment. After auditioning various entertainment agencies to recruit the best trainees, the final line up of the boy and girl group were selected. Ultimately, the boy group was crowned winners and was promised a quick debut. However, due to low ratings and disagreements between the agencies, the debut was cancelled by YG Entertainment.



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