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“We are One!”

“Exo Saraghaja!”

The two slogans that run through every ExoLs blood.

Do you know there is an active and running fanbase in India?

TeamEXOIndia is your destination for all the fanprojects in India.

Established in 2017, TeamEXOIndia is the largest fanbase in India which has more than 14.5k followers on Twitter.

They carry out different projects and hold different events for ExoLs in India.

One of the fanbase admin, Komal, shared the story of starting this base in India.

We started TeamEXOIndia out of the love and passion we had for EXO. 6 fangirls who shared the same dream of seeing Exo on Indian soil, was our driving force. We are thankful to Indian ExoLs who accepted us and supported us all the time. We could complete different projects and advance in our efforts because we always have ExoLs with us. We hope our little efforts would pay off and someday Exo will include India in their tour.

TeamEXOIndia is indeed your destination if you love Exo and want to connect to ExoLs in India.

Are you following TeamEXOIndia already?

If not, go follow now!

Twitter/Instagram/Facebook : TeamEXOIndia



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