Sulli Receives Support From Fans And Celebrities For “Jinri Market”

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Sulli will be starring at a new reality show that revolves around her handling her pop-up store.

Sulli’s new reality show witnesses it’s first episode release today at 11am KST. This reality show is her first one as a solo artist where fans will get to see Sulli manage a pop up store called Jinri Market where she is the CEO who is involved with the process as well as functioning of the store. Back in June, SM entertainment had also stated that Sulli went to Germany to film her reality show. The first teaser for the show was released in October through her personal Instagram account.

Not only her fans but fellow label mates and friends Taeyeon and Wendy showed support to Sulli by attending her pop up store event on 24th November. Sulli also showed her gratitude by taking to her Instagram to personally thank Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Red Velvet’s Wendy for visiting her.

Sulli uploaded two pictures with Taeyeon and wrote, “My lovely Taeyeon unnie, thank you for coming today. (It was) Healing in itself.  (You’re) Beautiful.”



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She also uploaded a picture with Wendy captioning it, “Seungwan-i whom I love, thank you so much for coming despite your busy schedule. Wendy is the best. I’ll be supporting your upcoming activities.”



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Are you watching? cause we definitely are going to tune in to NaverTV at 11am KST every Tuesday and Thursday from next week!

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