MV Review : IZ*ONE’s La Vie En Rose

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Who can resist beauty with talents that too a dozen of them , that’s IZ*ONE for everyone.

IZ*ONE’s Debut MV La Vie en Rose is a much talked about , awaited and raved music video. Mnet’s third segment of Produce 48 reality show has brought together these 12 roses .

If anyone ever wanted a full dose of simplicity aesthetic , this MV is perfect for it . From the costumes to the backdrop to their make up , they didn’t fail to impress our insatiable thirst for perfection and not over done , also the vintage touch never fails to satisfy. (Me in particular )

The song beat itself is very catchy ,a mixture of trap house /dance music and the melody fits the group’s overall image. Girly , amazing visuals and a hint of teenage naughtiness .

The song’s meaning and the tune really compliments each other . La Vie en Rose literal translation is A life full of Roses which can be interpreted as a life full of happiness , a happy tune for a colorful life .



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