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Namastehallyu_learnkoreanAre you a Kpop/Kdrama fan who wants to learn Korean? Are you someone who wants to shift to Korea?

Or are you someone who just wants to learn a new language for fun? Whatever the reason might be, you can now learn Korean easily and of course, free of cost!

We, at Namaste Hallyu will be teaching Korean to all those who are willing to learn. Our teaching methods will be simple and we’ll try our best to make them fun as well.

We’ll be teaching words/phrases throughout the week and have a reviewing session on weekends so you can see how much you remember, and if you can make a sentence with the words that were taught.

Now, before we begin with the official lessons we need to know our basics, don’t we? So, our first lesson will be about the alphabets in Korean, also known as 한글 (Hangul).

Get ready to learn the Korean language as we start our lessons from tomorrow!


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