Block B’s Jaehyo To Enlist In The Military This Month

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Block B‘s  Jaehyo is enlisting! 

Jaehyo will be enlisting in the military as a public service worker on 20th December.

On 4th December, through the group’s official social media accounts Block B’s agency Seven Seasons announced, “Block B member Jaehyo will be enlisting in the military. On Thursday, 20th December, he will be entering an army training center where he will receive basic military training, after which he’ll be working as a public service worker for 2 years.

The agency also wrote that the idol will be enlisting as a public service worker due to health reasons and would be enlisting quietly, without holding any official send-off event. They also added, “We ask the fans to understand and cheer for our artist Jaehyo, who will be back even more mature after finishing his mandatory service. Thank you!”

On the other hand, Jaehyo recently opened his photo exhibition ‘Momento’, which will be taking place from 28th November to 19th December and the proceeds will be donated to charity. Jaehyo also revealed one of his personal diary entries in his exhibition where he spoke about his past struggles with depression.

Photo Caption: “‘Have you also sat at the edge of the rooftop and pondered about sad thoughts?'”


We wish him all the best for his upcoming service!

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