Fanfic original : Someone Like You

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Namastehallyu_fanfic They say when true love hits you without any warning …                                                          



Everything looks green and clean and perfect . Nothing can go wrong , that’s what Haine thought before she got splashed all over with rain water as a silver Bugatti veyron zoomed by as she stood there fuming because she has planned everything carefully for today . It was supposed to be perfect . She was even wearing her lucky pendant .

Ughhhh , exclaimed Haine . She was about to turn back to go home and change when she noticed the car reversing towards her. She thought yeah right , coming back to add more injury to my misery ‘. She eye rolled and started walking towards home .

She had to call Ethan and explain everything why she will be late for their date . Shaking her head she was dialing Ethan when a loud honk made her jump off her feet .She ignored it and kept walking . From the side of her eyes she didn’t see the car any more so she thought it stopped following her when she felt a hand grabbed her arms and turned her around.

She came face to face with the most perfect male species she has ever laid her eyes on in her whole 22 years of life . Lost for words she just kept staring at him and he coughed , “ahem, excuse me miss , are you alright ?”.

She just nodded and then she noticed he was still holding her arm. He noticed it too and slowly let go of her arm. They just stood there saying nothing for about 2 minutes but to the two strangers staring at each other, it felt like time had stopped .

Without saying a word she walked past him (slomo) and kept walking with a silly smile on her face. The guy turned to look at her and with a smirk he slightly shook his head and head toward his car which was parked on the side of the road.

He started his car and looked at the girl on his rear view mirror ,who was walking away from him with her back towards him . With one last shake on his head, he drove away .

That night somewhere in the world, a small tree bud sprouted in the Garden of Love.

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